Dealing with NARS’s Sticky Packaging

NARS may produce exquisite makeup products but its rubber packaging can be torturous once it degenerates into the sticky mess that many of us are familiar with. I was dismayed to find my once-pristine NARS Angelika blush case gummy and gooey one day. Fed up with having to deal with this, I took my bottle of methylated spirit and attacked the black casing with a vengeance*. Minutes later, I had this: a plasticky surface freed of that horrid sticky substance. It may not be the best solution aesthetically but it certainly is practical.

A month on and the case is still clean and goo-free. That icky-sticky stuff used to leave a residue on the fingers and transfer to the packaging surface of other products in my blush drawer. Thankfully, I no longer have to see/touch/feel that irksome substance now. Relief and joy abound!

I wish I had thought of using my beloved methylated spirit before depotting my NARS Orgasm a few years back. The pan now sits forlornly in a clear Rubis Tweezers box. Nevertheless, it’s better late than never. I’m glad I needn’t live through that tactile hell any more! :)

* Soak cotton pads with the alcohol and use them to rub off the deteriorated packaging. Do not saturate the pads – this prevents the liquid from entering the product and gives you more friction with which to remove the goo.


  • Iris says:

    hey Mag,
    I had the same problem too! Got fed up and depotted my whole collection into clear CD cases. It actually works much better now ‘cos I have all the blushes in one case and so I use them more frequently. It also takes much less time to select one to use.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Iris,

      I hated it so much (you can gather how irate I was in my post). I’m so glad that problem has been banished…I hope. :D I didn’t like depotting Orgasm, although I wouldn’t mind it if I had a Z-Palette! ;)

  • Popcorn says:

    Nars’ Cases degenerates? OH NOOOO~
    I love their cases though. I was wondering how many years you have had the Angelika blush? Just so I can have a rough estimate of when I should use your method of saving the case. hahah Thanks~

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Popcorn!

      I’d say at least three years for Angelika. The deterioration varies for different people, from what I’ve read. I store my makeup in cool, dark and clean drawers, away from excessive light exposure. I’m not sure about those who keep their NARS cases in the paper boxes. I suspect it has to to do with the integrity of the material used and not the time span.

  • chocfull says:

    I used to do this to sticky rubber containers. I just got a whole lot of Nars Blush so will hv to use this method soon.

  • Sue says:

    Where can I get methylated spirit pls? My NARS blush container turned into a gooey mess after abt 3 yrs.. SOB

  • Ami S. says:

    After I’m done with the alcohol I rub a drop of Argan Oil all over the case to get rid of the white streaking, then dust a layer of face powder over it. Viola! Looks almost like new. :D

  • Ivy says:

    Hi mag,

    Saw this too late for one of my nars blusher.. the casing got so gooey the hinges came off n my blusher dropped into pieces.. bought a replacement. My eyeshadow is gg thru the sticky phase. Thank you for this post! ;)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ivy,

      Aww, sorry to hear that…and you’re welcome. :) I hope it works for you – it’s not pretty but at least the stickiness is gone!

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