Laline Pele Monoi Collection for Valentine’s Day 2013

Laline Pele Monoi Collection Visual

Featuring Monoï oil, the limited edition Laline Pele Monoi Collection is an olfactory trip to the seaside.

Monoï oil, an exotic blend of Tiaré blooms (Tahitian gardenias), vanilla, palm wood and white musk, is a scented perfume oil that’s commonly used in the French Polynesian region as a skin and hair softener. Its fragrance notes remind me of the tropics and the beach.

Here are the prices of the Laline Pele Monoi products here:

  • Pele Monoi Body Butter (contains shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax and Vitamin E) – S$36.90
  • Pele Monoi Body Mist (contains aloe vera and chamomile extracts) – S$26.90
  • Pele Monoi Exfoliating Body Soap (contains acai berry extract) – S$23.90
  • Pele Monoi Hand Cream (contains calendula and borage oils, and Vitamins C and E) – S$16.90
  • Pele Monoi Print Shower Bag – S$13.90

The collection also includes 2 rustic-looking glass accessories – a glass pharmacy bottle (S$16.90) and a glass soap dish (S$9.90). They remind me of the blue roofs of the famous Greek island of Santorini. :)

This is apparently a special Valentine’s Day collection but I think last year’s Minnie Loves Mickey is more apt for this theme.

Laline Pele Monoi Body Mist and Body Butter

I’ve only sampled the body mist which is surprisingly housed in a sturdy glass bottle. I didn’t expect it, given the brand’s general price points but appreciate it all the same.

True to its promise, the spray reminds me of an ‘exotic tropical island breeze’, for it really does have a distinct beachy smell. I think this is largely due to the fact that it carries scent notes that are reminiscent of suntan lotion! I might spray this on my tresses…gives new meaning to the term beach hair, yes? ;)


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