La Prairie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30

Already available at the counters, La Prairie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30 (S$750/50 ml) is the latest addition to the La Prairie Cellular Radiance anti-ageing range.

A lightweight emulsion that is suited for everyday use, this product promises to hydrate and brighten the skin, while renewing its luminosity. Employing cellular technology, it was created to combat the signs of premature-ageing – dryness, fine lines and wrinkles – while restoring the skin’s natural glow. Its included SPF aims to protect the skin from the sun, inhibiting age spots and skin discolouration.

And no, it’s not a typo – there IS a zero behind the ‘75’ in the price! ;) After all, one of the key ingredients in the Cellular Radiance products is colloidal gold – a suspension of pure gold in fluid – that purportedly prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity and firmness. A New York Times article explains its attraction…and the scepticism that accompanies those claims.

So, what’s in this product?

(Brace yourselves, there’s a reason for its cost!)

  • Colloidal pure gold – The crux of the formula, this adds warmth to the skin and gives it radiance, as well as promises to boost its firmness
  • Quartz – Light-reflecting pigments to impart surface luminosity
  • A brightening complex, unique to La Prairie – A complex that contains a patented molecule that prevents the formation of age spots and helps even out skin discolouration
  • Silver vine extract – A carbonylation blocker – it prevents oxidative damage – that keeps skin from becoming dull
  • La Prairie Golden Peptide – With particles of real gold infused into its essence, this was created by La Prairie scientists to diminish wrinkles and improve skin elasticity
  • A sun protection complex – A combination of ethylhexyl salicylate and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate to protect against the sun’s damaging rays
  • Zinc and magnesium – Minerals that protect the cellular matrix
  • Red algae extract – A skin-calming agent
  • Boswellia extract – A topical anti-irritant that reduces cellular stress
  • Salicornia plant extract – An ingredient that increases the number of aquaporins (water channels), boosting skin moisture levels
  • Alpinia Galanga leaf extract – An ingredient that stimulates a key enzyme that produces skin-plumping hyaluronic acid in the skin
  • Hydrolysed oat protein extract – A moisturising ingredient
  • A rejuvenating plant complex – A complex containing red clover, papaya and black cohosh to boost the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • La Prairie’s signature cellular complex – A combination of ingredients that stimulates the natural repair process of the skin, as well as encourages the optimal functioning of the skin

A Swiss company, La Prairie is well-known for its anti-ageing products that admittedly carry eyebrow-raising price tags. Yet it indubitably has a following – I’ve seen women purchase entire ranges at the La Prairie counter, boxes stacked high in front of them! Proof of the efficacy of its products or testimony to the brand’s marketing prowess? ;)

Image source: La Prairie

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