Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball

Butterfly Ball, Lipstick Queen’s latest lippy offering, sounds like a sheer beauty dream. The collection not only  promises subtlety of colour, it also flashes a unique iridescent turquoise when hit by the light. I like that its alliterative name conjures up an image of dancing butterflies…and playful illumination.

Lipstick Queen Product Shot

You are cordially invited to the Butterfly Ball

Inspired by Mohammed Ali’s rumble in the jungle quote, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”

5 gorgeous shimmer tints in a luscious formula containing Vitamin E, C, B and Aloe Vera to moisturise and treat the lips and film formers to seal in moisture

Glides on as light and see through as a butterfly wing with a flash of bright turquoise iridescent to disarm and then charm your target (also helps your teeth appear brighter!)

Butterflies aren’t just pretty, they’re intriguing and so are you!

Lipstick Queen

These lipsticks in gorgeous pewter cases seem to offer a soft and shimmery tint that is reminiscent of a diaphanous butterfly wing. According to the brand, the hint of light-reflecting green-blue makes teeth appear whiter for a more flattering smile.

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lippies

With names that aptly allude to the transient – Float, Fly, Trance, Moment and Goodbye – the shades promise to be delicate veils of colour. They will be lighter in texture compared to the Sinners and Chinatown Glossy Pencils which I love but I’m anxious to try this range – I believe these lippies will be perfect for the smokes of the season.  Besides, I’ve always appreciated the stellar quality of Poppy King’s products and look forward to anything new from her. I’m certain that Goodbye (see the plum lipstick  laced with turquoise shimmer above) will be something I’d love!

Float: Pale shimmering nude

Fly: Hot shimmering pink

Trance:  Subtle shimmering raspberry

Moment: Sexy shimmering red

Goodbye: Deep shimmering wine

Image source: Lipstick Queen

According to, the packaging was inspired by Edward Gorey‘s entomological drawings.

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