My Fred Farrugia Purchase

Fred Farrugia MakeupModules Stacked

As promised, here are photos of my Fred Farrugia haul! :) I didn’t have time to swatch the colours but the pictures will give you an idea of how the modular system looks in real life.

I enjoyed assembling it; each palette  (11 cm long and 3 cm wide) clicked into place perfectly, thanks to the well-crafted design and stellar quality of the packaging.

Fred Farrugia Makeup System Boxed

Each module is encased in a see-through, tabbed plastic box. The latter looks somewhat cheap, given the contemporary design of the makeup system.

From top to bottom are Matte Eye Shadows in N°21, N°22 and N°23. All swatched nicely on the back of my hand when I tried them at Sephora and I was impressed by their intensity.

Fred Farrugia Makeup Modules Attached

The three eyeshadow palettes are flanked by the First Kit, a cover bearing the brand’s name and a base piece that contains a mirror. I like how each module snaps into place securely, thanks to the magnetic mechanism present in the packaging.

Fred Farrugia Makeup Modules Fanned Out

Once secured, the modules fan out beautifully. The axis is stable and the eyeshadows do not flake upon opening, except for the chocolate one in the middle. This happens not because of a fault in the packaging but is a result of the excess shadow that juts out of the pan. I believe this flaking will stop once I’ve used enough to level the shadow.

Fred Farrugia Makeup Modules Stacked

The bottom of the base piece is stylishly printed with the brand’s logo – two Fs that share the middle stroke.

Fred Farrugia Makeup System & Bag

The First Kit comes with a woollen ribbed sock that acts as a protective cover for the stacked makeup system. Practical but clearly lacking, aesthetically! :P


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