Beauté de Kosé Esprique Precious Eyecolor Selection N Shadow Singles

Kosé Esprique Precious Display

Available in other parts of Asia for quite some time now, Beauté de Kosé Esprique Precious finally arrived on our shores in August. I swatched the shadow singles, Eyecolor Selection N (an affordable S$14 each) and like a few for their smooth texture and beautiful pigment.

Kosé Esprique Precious Eyecolor Selection N

Each single can be placed into palettes. Lifted from their plastic casing, they fit snugly in palettes that have dual pan space. I quite like them in their individual transparent cases though.

Kosé Esprique Precious Swatch 1

Clockwise from the top: Cream base shadows in SP012 (a sparkly peach pink and the most complex of the three), SP010 (a sparkly white), SP011 (a sparkly gold)

Kosé Esprique Precious Swatch 2

From left to right: BE310, GR710, SV014, PK811, WT013, OR210, BR311, BL911, BR313

Kosé Esprique Precious Swatch 3

From left to right: PU110, BL910, PK810, PK812, BR312, GD015

Kosé Esprique Precious BR 313 and BL 911

While the highlight and accent shades are pretty and shimmery, I was drawn to the deep and smoky shades of BR 313 and BL 911. ;)


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