Tokidoki Pillow Cases at Takashimaya

I recently spotted these adorable Tokidoki pillow cases at Takashimaya and couldn’t help but snap a few discreet shots. ;)

The creation of Italian artist Simone Legno, these fun and whimsical Tokidoki characters can now consort with you in your slumbers, thanks to a collaboration with Snooze City Designs. Imported from Los Angeles by Trendspot, the local distributor of Snooze City, the prints that are available here are:

  • Tokidoki Adios and Ciao Ciao
  • Tokidoki Casino
  • Tokidoki Dream
  • Tokidoki Milk and Latte
  • Tokidoki Sandy and Bastardino

S$44.90 for a pack of two, the pillow cases are made of 73% cotton and 27% nylon. They have a 210 thread count and measure 20 inches x 32 inches (51 cm x 81 cm).

I know this isn’t exactly beauty-related but I like the cheerful and colourful crew of Tokidoki characters so much that I couldn’t resist writing about this find! :D


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