Makeup Stash! Christmas 2009 Giveaway #3

Makeup Stash! Christmas Star

Here is the third Makeup Stash! Christmas 2009 Giveaway. Thank you for your warm participation in the first and second ones! ♥ Christmas is just three days away, so this week’s pressies have been specially chosen to bring you holiday beauty joy. :) This week’s gifts come courtesy of DHC, Beauty Carousel, I Nuovi Professional, and Soap ‘n Sorbet. They are:

DHC - Collagen Beauty 7000+ Gransenbon Gran Blush in 12 Peach Rose

I Nuovi Megalips VelvetshineSteam Cream in Blanc

One box of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+

Be one of the first to try this newly-launched health supplement. ;) I’m personally stoked that DHC offered a box of this collagen drink…that’s TEN bottles!

Gransenbon Gran Brush in 12 Peach Rose

Gransenbon is one of those cult brands that I never get tired of. Peach Rose has a sprinkling of shimmer and delivers a healthy glow.

I Nuovi Megalips Velvetshine in Harajuku Chic

If you’re cool-toned, this versatile lip gloss duo should be yours. I’ve used it on several clients who love it for its beautiful shades and ease of wear.

Steam Cream in Blanc

The raves are plentiful for this multi-purpose moisturiser with a unique formulation method. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see what the fuss is all about, not to mention own the pretty tin.


I love reading comments from my readers and I’d really like to know what you think of Makeup Stash!. It would be wonderful to have your feedback after almost a year and a half into blogging. :)

So as a Christmas present to me and to participate in this contest, simply answer this:

“How did you learn about Makeup Stash! and what do you like about it?”

If you like what you read on this blog, do follow Makeup Stash! on Twitter for more makeup musings and be a fan on Facebook as well. :)


Four readers will be picked randomly to receive these items; each person will receive one gift only. Leave a valid email address so that you can be contacted. If you do not reply within three days, I will pick another winner.

Each giveaway will last one week and is open to SINGAPORE RESIDENTS only.

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  • angela says:

    i knew from blog-hopping (can’t remember which blog) and i was searching specifically for a sg beauty blog :) I like it because it’s local (and thus more relevant) and i got to know new brands/shops like i nouvi and soap and sorbet

  • Eunice says:

    A great online friend of mine recommended me your website! Informative reviews and great giveaways! Happy Boxing Day

  • ashie says:

    I was googling for reviews on Etude House products and chanced upon Makeup Stash. I appreciate that almost every entry comes with photos/pictures, especially those with eye makeup. Great reference, bookmarked Makeup Stash :)

  • Cheezy says:

    I found your blog from tualobang blogspot. Thank for the informative reviews…

  • Yulian says:

    i got to know about makeupstash from! It’s a good find!

  • KK says:

    Got to know it via Kelvin and I like the way you write and keep me up to date with the local beauty scene…

  • nora says:

    i learnt about makeup stash through facebook.. and honestly, what interests me at first was the giveaways. The giveaways were fantastic! But after i browsed through the website, i was really hooked onto it that i ‘favourited’ it! This website is really awesome. Plus, all the wonderful details about my favourite stores, etude house and sephora! :)

  • Eileen says:

    I was also blog hopping and i came to this website,
    it intoduced me to this website and i loved it because the reviews here are really informative and there are always great giveaways here!!!:D
    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!!:D

  • Stella says:

    i came to this site via :)
    i love giftaways!~~!~

  • Enon Fu says:

    I got to know Makeup Stash through yahoo search for beauty related blogs. I like Makeup Stash due to the contents of the blogs, lately she has been even covering cute bags and pouches which is also my interest… keep up the good JOB!!

  • tracy says:

    i first got to know about your blog when someone posted up your link on cozycot forums on the arrival of DHC. after that i have been following your blog because it has the latest beauty info and your honest comments and reviews.. thumbsup!

  • elina says:

    i knew it from cozycot whereby people recommended your website for beauty reviews. love your simple format and those reviews made :)

  • zhao wanting says:

    The website introduced me to come here. I like the great Giveaway!

  • Jasmine says:

    I happened to know about this website from Tua Lobang web. I love Makeup Stash simply because I love makeup! This website is where I visit before making decisions on what makeup to buy.

  • Elaine says:

    I was introduced by this website and it was terrific . Very informative review indeed and I Love it !!

  • Celine says:

    My first time reading this blog!Recommended to me by my friend Jasmine and I am loving her recommendation! Will bookmark this blog.

  • Kelly Teo says:

    I learnt about makeupstash from the Queen of BB cream -Kimoko!
    I love the informative reviews and recommendation made here. and also where to get the best buy!

  • Grace says:

    i was actually googling for aerosoles boots in singapore and i landed up with the website, which voilà! brought me to your site :) coincidentally, i’m a cosmetics junkie and the “no frills” approach introducing the eclectic set of products on your site makes for easy-on-the-eyes reading as well as enjoyable serendipitous finds (like this giveaway)…rock on~!

  • Ning Xin says:

    “How did you learn about Makeup Stash! and what do you like about it?”

    Google is my best friend, and it led me to this place. I like that it has price lists, and is a local blog, so that I can get updates on beauty products available locally.

    Happy Holidays and enjoy 2010 (:

  • kerine says:

    get to know this from


  • Heather says:

    I got to know about makeupstash via random googling for product reviews. The giveaways create awareness to brands and products that deserve some attention.

  • gracia says:

    i was googling for reviews on korean road shop products and found my way here somehow, and your blog has great content!


  • Cherie Koh says:

    It is actually my first time stumbling upon this blog when I searched for the WAVE NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEAN POWER CLEANSER. And I was hooked onto the wide array of make up products, cleansers, moisturizers, and all the girly stuff! It was like browsing through an online make up store and I became mesmerized and excitable by all the products I just cant stop feasting my eyes.

  • eva says:

    giving it a try on posting a comment.
    came by through
    if there are freebies, bet there be alot of readers.

  • Hui Min says:

    I was just looking around at for good deals and I found this site. I must say this is really awesome. Love your reviews and informative entries. Haven’t got time to read them all, but I’ll definitely check them out when I’m free. In fact, I’ve already bookmarked this site so this will probably be one of my daily reads from now on.

  • emily says:

    i found this website through tualobang =D looking for good bargains on products!!

  • Liv says:

    ‘ makeupstash ‘ seems to be the hot word in search engine :) I knew your blog from other forums like cozycot or flowderpod when ppl recommend the product reviews or update. Love your splashing ideas and trendy picks!~ Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

  • Yuman says:

    I got the link from and was attracted to click by the giveaways!! =) I love reading about makeup cos I’m a beginner. I think Makeup Stash! allow me to learn a lot in a short time. Thanks so much!!

  • Sayida says:

    I found out about it from tualobang & I love that it has such great giveaways!

  • Carol says:

    Found the website when googling for product reviews. and ended up staying! Love all the information. Thanks!

  • Catherine says:

    I got to know makeupstash from Tualobang. It’s never too late to start saving it under my Favourites!

  • linda says:

    know about yr blog thru cozycot ;)
    i like yr various reviews, and the generous giveaways!

  • lynn says:

    hi, i was introduced to your website via The layout and contents of your webbie makes it so addictive to read and there are fantastic giveaways! I also like that it provides “up to date” updates abt the local beauty products so i can lay claim on them in the fastest possible time.

  • Michelle says:

    I was doing a yahoo search on Sephora when I accidentally stumbled across Makeup Stash.

    What i like about it is the makeup reviews.
    It save me a lot of trouble and money when it came to selecting the various products and brands.

    Hope that I’m not too late to enter.
    Good luck guys!

  • daphne says:

    Well, i cant exactly remember how I got to this blog, but I am certain, I must have been searching for some reviews of some sort or some make up products! Bloghopped around and got to this amazing blog whcih encompasses very much something of everything!

    What makes it even better is all the giveaways that you guys hold! You know how much we girls love giveaways, dont you? Ohwell, so now…I am wondering, will I get my hands on those collagen drink.

    Thanks for everything, makeupstash! :)

  • gg says:

    Hi, I’m new here!
    Got to know about this website through tualobang ^^
    The site looks fantastic

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