Using Angled Makeup Brushes

Angled Makeup Brushes - MAC, Anna Sui, Kent, Cosme Decorte

I’d mentioned in my previous post that I have a special way of remembering how to place angled brushes to pick up colour. I thought I’d include photos here so you have a better idea.

Using Angled Makeup Brushes

 As I’d said earlier, I call it the piě nà (撇捺) method, after 2 basic Chinese strokes: When picking up and applying colour on my left eye and cheeks, I place the brush slanted like the Chinese stroke piě (丿) and for the features on my right, I position the tool like the Chinese stroke nà ().

It comes almost instinctively now for me but I thought this would help some of you who are new to angled brushes. You might prefer to do it a different way but it’s helped me a fair bit. In fact, this method was probably born out of the fact that I’m ambidextrous – I often wield makeup brushes with both hands. :)

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