Fasio Shade Trick Eyes

I spotted Fasio’s new eyeshadow collection, Shade Trick Eyes, at Watsons yesterday. Priced at S$21.40, these palettes reminded me of Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes with their triangular radial pans. As with many Japanese palettes, they come in basic, complementary hues that facilitate gradational colour application.

I swatched them and was impressed by their pigmentation. The copy proclaims that you can obtain ‘incredibly intense eyes from the play of contrast with light and shadow’ from them – I am inclined to believe it because the pigmented shades seem to blend well into one another; the lighter tones offsetting the darker ones. I didn’t buy one but am sorely tempted by the green one! :P

Iris of Rouge Deluxe has written a nice post about these palettes (she has put up swatches too).


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