Laneíge Highlighting and Shading Kit

Comprising a black sequinned bag and Snow Crystal Blushers in #1 Highlight Gradation and #3 Brown Gradation, this set from Laneíge is a good way to try these beautiful face products. A remnant of a Christmas special, the set costs S$49 at local counters. I believe each Gradation palette used to retail at more than S$40. According to the BA, the  Snow Crystal Blusher range has been phased out in Singapore and the only way to purchase them is through this set.

The colour combination of Highlight Gradation (arcs of white gold/pink/lavender/silver/blue-green) is reminiscent of MAC Lightscapade and it is exactly this that made me stop at counter to try the highlighter. It turned out to be more shimmery and has a sheen that is similar to that of Etude Marbleade #3. It isn’t as frosty as Revlon Pure Confection though. Brown Gradation reminds me of MAC By Candlelight and even though its centre arc looks very warm, the overall effect of this palette is neutral. It seems easy to wear and isn’t so pigmented that the warm tones are overt. Like most baked products, these two compacts are made in Italy.

The most incongruous thing about the set has to be the black pouch. Though it’s sturdy, the harsh hue of this zippered case is out of place with the Christmas theme and the softness of these lovely palettes! :P

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