The Face Shop Lowers Their Prices in Singapore

The Face Shop Lowers Prices in Singapore 2015

If you’ve been to a THEFACESHOP store lately, you might have been pleasantly surprised.

In an apparent gesture to thank loyal customers for making them the No. 1 brand in Singapore since 2004, they have reduced the prices of about 90% of their products here.

For example, the popular Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam is now S$14.90 (S$5 less than its old price of S$19.90), while the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask is now S$15.90 (a significant S$10 reduction from its former price of S$25.90).

This move brings them closer to their Korean counterparts but there’s still some disparity. For instance, the same face wash is ₩9900 in South Korea – about S$12, here in Singapore.

Still, this is better than prices going north, which has happened with several beauty brands here. Happy shopping! ;)

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