Anna Sui Cosmetics at Isetan Orchard

An Anna Sui counter always holds promises of colour and glitter – bright hues and sparkle characterise the products but in a nice twist, the black floral and butterfly-themed packaging connotes feminine edginess. Little wonder then, that this brand has loyal followers: people who love dark feminine chic.

Together with a few other beauty bloggers, I was invited by Anna Sui’s PR company for delicious cocktails and finger food at Hyatt Hotel’s Mezza9 Martini Bar. Amidst light-hearted exchanges, we learnt more about the brand and were given a wonderful tour of the Anna Sui Orchard counter at Wisma Atria thereafter.

The plethora of beauty products was quite overwhelming; we were inundated with cuteness and modern kitsch everywhere we turned. This is the Rock Me! Summer of Love fragrance display that greeted me when I reached the counter. As with everything Anna Sui, it has visual detail and colour aesthetics.

Even the gift with purchase display was ornate with lace and gem-like stones. Guitars are not usually a girly item but the key chain seems to fit right in.

Here is the tiered nail lacquer display comprising Nail Color (S$22-24) and Nail Art Color (S$24). It looks like a delicious wedding cake. The cap and body of the bottles are quite a visual and tactile treat!

The delectable Anna Sui tools were also a pleasure to look at with their exquisite embossment. The nylon and boar bristle hair brush (S$65) reminded me of the Kent one that I have.

This sharpener (S$13) is worth mentioning because it reminded me of the excellent one Urban Decay carries (Grind House). Like the latter, it is made by KUM Germany but is S$2 cheaper.

The rose motif of the brand is present throughout the store. Even the lavender cotton pads (S$9) are arranged to look like a rose blossom. Such attention to detail!


Here is the new/revamped Protective Base Makeup collection that was recently launched for spring. The powder foundation contains botanical extracts from a tropical flower, as well as microcrystalline for emollience.

These are the primers in the range. They have functions ranging from colour correction to UV protection.


The little tubes are the new Glitter Color Eyeshadows (S$33) that have just been launched. They are essentially clear gels with fun glitter bits in them to sparkle up an eye look.

This is the limited edition Lip Rouge set (S$83) that comes with a ring and a pretty charm. The luxe velvet box that they come in gives these products a touch of class.

This jewellery tree bearing black flowers was somewhat striking despite being all black. The metal stand is an ingenious way to display the pretty Mini Rouge (S$33) danglies.

Here is the famous Anna Sui blotter case which is so well-known that fakes of it have been popping up everywhere. Frequently sold out at the counters, the Oil Control Paper Case+Refill costs $30.


These two limited edition Dolly Girl Lip and Eye Color Palettes (S$58 each) are the new Mother’s Day sets. The design of the cases is very Anna Sui with its retro-whimsy style.

The Eye Color Palette consists of a pearl white, a dark navy, a light pink, a purple-gray and a pearl yellow.

The Lip Color Palette consists of a clear midnight blue, a baby pink with lamé, a plum, a pigmented hot pink and a coral pink. The most interesting colour was the blue lipgloss with reflective blue glitter that can lift a lip look.



Here are three different compacts from the brand. The white one is the newest and part of the Protective Base range. These compacts are distinctively Anna Sui with their butterfly and rose designs.

These potions and lotions with their bulbous bottoms have a quaint feel to them, conveying an old-world charm.


This antique Vanity Box (S$46), a limited edition item for Christmas, caught my eye. The lovely people at the counter told me that the tin would fit their nail polishes perfectly.

More Anna Sui feminine whimsy. It’s wonderful how the packaging of Anna Sui Beauty marries function with design.

In contrast to the brand’s signature black, this blue-white display with rose and butterfly cut-outs is simple but effective.

The brand has a Dolly Club scheme in which points can be accumulated with every purchase. These points can be exchanged for products (the gifts for the second half of 2009 included Anna Sui-designed weighing machines and thumb drives – practical cuteness!). Other membership benefits include vouchers that give extra points and rewards.

A pretty cabinet that many girls would love to have in their boudoirs, I’m sure. ;) This is a nice set-up for product storage and display.

I was told that the inspiration for the Flight of Fancy fragrance (from S$71 for a 30 ml Eau de Toilette) came from Anna Sui’s visit to our very own Sentosa Island where she saw a peacock. ;)

Irene, the sweet and obliging Anna Sui trainer, exclaimed that my eye makeup was very Anna Sui (it was a variation of the purple/green eye I did in my AiW BoS eotds). I’ve not delved into colours for a while but a trip to an Anna Sui counter calls for brights, yes? ;) We played with some colours and she applied a few Anna Sui shadows over the original look. I love how the colours and glitter modified my eotd, transforming it with sparkle and shine.


At the end of the counter visit, we were each given a generous goodie bag printed with Anna Sui’s stunning Rock Me! images. I had a great time and to sweeten the experience, I was able to catch up with lovely bloggers Kas, Chantana, Sara, and later, Iris (the Anna Sui guru – she knows all the brand codes!), who joined us after the event. I also met Mina, a vivacious stylist. My photos aren’t ideal as I’d left my camera at home (everything here except the eotd pic was taken with my iPhone cam). You can read more about and view more photos of the event on the other beauty blogs. :)

Image source: Anna Sui


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