MAC Spring Colour Forecast Private Event

Last Thursday, MAC celebrated the launch of Spring Colour Forecast with a private event for industry insiders and the press. Studded with displays of the four colour ranges – pink, coral, plum and amber – the party at VivoCity was lit up with dancing chromatic lights, as obliging MAC makeup artists worked these joyful shades on the guests.

Behind this wall…

…was a chic backdrop with rows of goodie bags!

The bags were later removed and guests were invited to take photos against the backdrop. I wasn’t entirely sure about taking a full-length pic as I’m short and plump (I do look slightly less chunky than usual here, thankfully) but I loved the M•A•C logos in the background! I’ve been a fan of the brand since the late 1990s and this photo would make a marvellous MAC makeup memory. ♥

Already available at Tangs VivoCity that night, these enticing makeup displays beckoned to the milling crowd. It was gratifying to have been able to play freely with the new colours. An extensive array of wearable hues, there is something here for everyone. My only gripe is that the greens and blues are missing! :P

Click on the following photos to enlarge them and click on the links below them for full product details, including prices.

Spring Colour Forecast 1 – The Pinks

Spring Colour Forecast 2 – The Corals

Spring Colour Forecast 3 – The Plums

Spring Colour Forecast 4 – The Ambers

A screen displayed a continuous stream of colour mélange and themed images as the guests explored the party. Chic and edgy as MAC always is, the graphics were both artistic and creative.

Even the drinks reflected the colour play. I liked the cobalt shade of the Blue Curaçao, although I preferred the fresh taste of the plum-coloured Grape Vodka. The luminous photo directly above was the result of the lights shining on the glasses. Pretty!

One of the highlights of the event was having a photo of our own to take home. Here I am, looking at the camera, preparing for my Spring Colour Forecast tetra-coloured Polaroid. The gentleman, dressed in the four main hues of the collection, would later be the escort of one of the Spring Colour Forecast models.

Smile for MAC…

Me in quadruplicate!

As expected, the models who came out later were dressed according to each colour range. Like the Spring Colour Forecast visuals, they had on brilliantly-coloured wigs.

I was quite taken by Amber. She had a great smile and reminded me of actress Alexis Bledel, famous for her role as Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls.

Here are Pink, Coral, Plum and Amber with their male companions. During the show, these handsome men had to explain the colour inspirations of each model.

This is one of my favourite photo montages from the night. I like it because it reminds me of what makes the brand tick – the hard work of the wonderful people at MAC.

At the end of the event, my friend purchased Fresh Salmon Lustre Lipstick, a youth-rendering colour on her beautiful warm skin tone. She also bought Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach, the blush that is currently very much sought-after!

I purchased Creations Hue in Pinkaura and Blush Ombre in Vintage Grape. The scent of Pinkaura reminded me of Turquatic initially and the MA who served me assured me it was indeed that fragrance repackaged. However, I’ve since realised that they are not the same: Pinkaura is more floral than Turquatic; the latter is crisper and has a marine edge.

I’m excited about Vintage Grape because I’ve always wanted a dirty/purple blush and now I have one. The good thing about this blush is that it isn’t so pigmented that the depth of colour shows up immediately; it has a buildable nature that allows application control. :)

The generous party bag was a simple white, offset by a sticker bearing the graphic coloured squares that represent the collection.

Here are the goodie bags belonging to my friend and me. Inside each were a MAC pigment, a MAC Dazzleglass,  MAC/Tangs vouchers and the information booklet.

The MAC Spring Colour Forecast information booklet fans out to look like colour-matching swatches. I thought the design was ingenious.

Overall, it was a wonderful night for makeup exploration and beauty fun. I caught up with old friends, made new ones and was delighted to see MAC staff who make MAC shopping a pleasure, as well as people who have returned to the brand after a sojourn elsewhere.

Thank you, MAC Cosmetics Singapore, for a memorable night! ♥


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