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In addition to the Heavy Rotation items, Kiss Me Singapore also gave me the famed Heroine Make mascaras, as well as the mascara remover, to try. It was with much excitement that I accepted them, having heard of their popularity in Hong Kong (over 10,000 pieces were sold during the Lunar New Year month of February this year) and in the Land of the Rising Sun (Long & Curl was voted the Number 1 Mascara in Japan in 2009 by

Although Long & Curl differs from Volume & Curl in that it is made to lengthen while the latter is meant to add volume, I can honestly say that like my favourite Fasio waterproof mascaras, either one on its own is good enough for both functions – both mascaras simultaneously lengthen and voluminise lashes, though each fulfils its specific function slightly better than the other. Better yet, they are waterproof, hold a curl and really blacken lashes (the pigment easily coats lashes, intensifying them almost immediately).

Long & Curl (S$21.90) has a curved brush that lifts and lengthens lashes. The wand easily picks up the lightweight polymer fibres – the fine fibres cling well to it – and applies the product evenly onto the lashes.

Look at how well the brush separates my lashes! ♥ The darkness of the inky pigment, together with the mascara’s ability to add volume, quickly intensifies my lashes. I used the Anna Sui Eyelash Curler before and after application to define the curl.

Volume & Curl (S$21.90) has a special brush with an indent in the centre. The brand claims that the rounded brush tip of the wavy brush coats hard-to-reach corners but I’ve found that it can cause clumping because that area is typically loaded with product. Perhaps it will work better when the excess is wiped off on the edge of the tube.

The mascara adds immediate volume with its polymer wax and fibres. I really like the blackness and the definition it imparts to my lashline. In addition, the indent cups the middle lashes well, giving them an added lift.

It’s great that the mascara also lengthens my pitiful lashes (they are much shorter than the length you see in the photo!).

The pigment is very hard to remove once it smudges. You definitely need to work fast or use an oil or alcohol-based cleanser. It’s best to use a mascara guard with these mascaras. They are also not good for repeated layering like K-Palette Real Lasting Volume Mascara because they can clump lashes.

However, I love their waterproof quality (they will last the entire day) and appreciate that they do not flake or smudge, once set. I once wore these mascaras for 12 hours straight on an extremely hot and humid day and they looked as fresh as they did when I first applied them!

For good measure, I like to layer the lengthening one over the voluminising one to maximise the lash-enhancing effects. One mustn’t be excessive with these mascaras though – too heavy an application/too many layers can lead to severe clumping and heavy lashes. With moderation, the two combined = thicker and longer black lashes that last and last. :)

Voted Number 2 Makeup Remover in 2009 by Cosme, this oil-based mascara remover (S$14.90) helps to remove mascara in difficult-to-reach corners.

Its skinny grooved wand is easy to use and loads the oil evenly.

A swiping movement similar to that of mascara application deposits the product onto the lashes.

The mascara comb allows the oil to pool at the lash base and draws the oil along the length of each lash. Wait a few minutes before wiping off the mascara.

I find it a little troublesome to clean the wand after coating my lashes once (I’m leery of redipping the wand because I want to keep the tube’s contents as fresh as possible). For stubborn mascaras like the Heroine Make ones (and especially if you layer like I do), you might have to repeat the process.

I do like that the skinny wand reaches the lash roots and corners, allowing me to clean my lashes more efficiently.

Here are all three tubes. I was quite amused by the rose design, as well as the gold wording atop the plastic pink and burgundy tubes. Very retro, no?

In Singapore, Kiss Me Heroine Make products can be easily found at Kawaii Corner located at Watsons stores.

Here’s the manga girl who represents the brand. If this character could speak, she’d prolly whisper Heroine Make’s motto to you:

“Be beautiful even if you weep.”


Image source: Kiss Me Japan and Kiss Me Singapore


  • Fr0nd says:

    oo you got me interested… would love to try the voluminising one… hmmm… supposed to be on a ‘no buy’ leh. :P

  • plue says:

    i must say, i love this mascara! both long n volume :D if MJ is awful, heroine make is my to-go-to! nothing else :D

    the one i had was the older version, which was awesome, so i guess when i finish off my other mascaras, i am getting this new one! the old one (volume) i feel work very well in terms of volume + lengthen, but the lengthen one was only good in lengthening, not so much in volume. but heck, i suppose that’s ok? i usually do it like you, volume first den lengthening :D glad to know the formula is still as good! but i wonder if it was necessary to change the brush lor…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Plue,

      For me, the lengthening one is ok volume-wise, especially at the base. It is great for both purposes! :) What was the old brush design like?

  • Verlyn says:

    hey mag, thanks for the fantastic detailed reviews ! gonna get the mascaras soon :p

  • yunwen says:

    very wonderful post!! :)))

    thank you veryyyy much!!

  • Lisa says:

    I was wondering, do they make your lashes feel brittle, or are they still soft-ish with the mascara on them?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Lisa,

      To be honest, lashes aren’t feathery soft with these mascaras on. I’d say they feel semi-hard (but not brittle).

  • Jeannie says:

    hi :) i am so glad to find this awesome information.
    i have been trying so hard to find ‘kiss me’ to buy in Singapore!
    where can i buy it? i found that i can find it at Watsons. then does that mean that i can buy it wherever i go if there is the watsons shop?

    thx :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      Yes, you should be able to find it at most Watsons stores (not all but the major ones in Orchard Road should have them). :)

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