Review | 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Organic Lime Juicy Shower Gel

455 g/16 oz; S$27.90/US$15

I bought this shower gel from 100% Pure after I had great success with the grapefruit version. According to this organically-certified brand, the Fresh Squeezed range is ‘all natural, 100% vegetarian, gluten free’. Heartening words for people who prefer cruelty-free, natural beauty products.

I chose this particular scent because I’ve always liked tangy citrus scents laced with a bit of sugary goodness…and this shower gel is one such scent indeed. To give you an idea of its balanced sweet-sour scent, my younger son has taken to using it regularly because he likes the smell (I’m guessing an overtly sour fragrance would put off a child). I also like that its scent is exactly like that of a refreshing lime drink – invigorating and so good for the olfactory senses!

Although the brand claims that this is a richly foaming shower gel, I wouldn’t peg it as such. It does foam a little and has a lot of slip (maybe too much) but it isn’t exceptionally bubbly.

I do like that a little goes a long way – for something that feels watery and has little-to-no stabilisers, the product does seems to be quite substantial in terms of cleansing power (it washes away dirt and perspiration effectively and I don’t feel unclean after a shower). I just wish it had a little less slip. Its excess slip, which I didn’t really experience with the grapefruit version, leaves me using more water than usual…something I don’t quite like. I can’t quite figure out where/when the moisturising starts and where/when the product residue stops.

Here are some of the promises 100% Pure makes of its shower gels:

1. (They) never dehydrate or strip

I agree with this wholeheartedly! It is true that this body washes never feels drying.

2. (They) are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin because they are never polluted with synthetic chemicals, fragrances, harsh detergents or any other irritants

If it’s good enough for my kid who has sensitive skin, it should be good enough for most people. ;)

3. 100% Pure products are concentrated and never diluted with water, thickeners, emulsifiers, or any other fillers

Sure enough, the liquid is very fluid, thanks to its lack of emulsifiers. As with the grapefruit version, I had a tendency to pour out too much initially.

Apparently this body wash not only contains lime juice, it also has ‘skin brightening berries, potent anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and vibrant.’ While I haven’t experienced any visible radiance, this is good to know! :D

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