Review | Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

Getting clean with Dirty is a tongue-in-cheek Lush exhortation, a clever way to get you to notice this cleansing range which now includes a fragrance.

Though its name did catch my attention at the store, it was the striking jewel tone of the hair and body cleanser that made me stop at the display – I simply couldn’t ignore the gorgeous deep teal hue!

It was the refreshing scent that made me purchase a bottle of the bath wash, though. The brand promises the experience to be ‘like a refreshing dip in a mountain spring’ but Springwash has mint notes laced with a distinct oceanic whiff that’s probably thanks to the sea salt in its formula. Although it contains spearmint and menthol crystals, the astringency is countered with sodium bicarbonate, – besides the sea salt – to soften the skin.

I love how it makes me feel clean without stripping my skin of moisture…a beautiful balance. The tingly sensation isn’t overtly cooling either, like Original Source mint products which used to make me shiver in the shower! This wash can also be used on the hair and while it isn’t conditioning exactly, it doesn’t entangle my hair or leave it super dry. I like it for clarifying purposes and use it on days when my hair feels weighed down by oils and humidity.

My children enjoy using this shower gel too, which surprised me, given its seemingly adult scent. I’ve already finished one bottle and have another waiting in the wings. In Singapore, this hair and body wash retails at S$14.50 (100 g), S$28.75 (250 g) and S$50.50 (500 g).


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