Lush Emotional Brilliance Makeup Collection

Just as I’d guessed, Emotional Brilliance is Lush’s new makeup range.

According to Lush founder Rowena Bird who visited Singapore as part of a global tour, this ‘colour range with an edge’ is based on colour therapy.

A collaboration with strategic behavioral therapist Lady Helen Kennedy, it has a psychological slant: The colours that you pick reflect your emotions on that day; by assigning positive connotations (for example: motivation, success, confidence) to those hues, you will subconsciously be inspired by and exemplify those positive traits when you wear those shades. Simply put, it works on the power of suggestion.

The idea originated from the synaesthesia treatment concept (also developed by Lady Kennedy) at the Lush Spa in the UK, in which words convey different moods. Here, colours are linked to emotions.

To match colour to emotion, Lush created the Emotional Brilliance colour wheel game. All you have to do is spin the Lush colour wheel and pick three colours you’re drawn to on that day.

According to the brand, your first colour choice represents your momentary strength or weakness, the second represents a subconscious need of yours and the third represents your talent.

Rowena likens this concept to ‘wearing your emotions’, emphasising that when you wear these colours, your subconscious accepts their positive associations and helps you to fulfill/attain them.

Do look out for the online version and phone app of the Lush Emotional Brilliance game for colour therapy on-the-go. ;)

This novel way of selling makeup might seem like psychological mumbo-jumbo – most people would simply buy colours based on preference or appearance – yet colour therapy is very real and the connection between mood and colour might reel in customers.

I’m not sure if ‘customised mood retailing’ is for me but it’d be fun to give it a go, once the range in available here. Let me know if you ever try these supposed feel-good mood-lifters! ;)

Emotional Brilliance comprises 30 colours, each linked to a positive emotion. In the range are 13 liquid lipsticks, 2 gel eyeliners and 15 cream shadow liners. Accompanying them are 2 skin tints, 1 translucent powder and 1 mascara: Charisma and Feeling Younger Skin Tints, Emotional Brilliance Translucent Powder and Eyes Right Mascara – ‘generic Emotional Brilliance’, Ro quipped.

The entire cosmetic collection is vegan-friendly.

In Singapore, the Emotional Brilliance colour range will retail at S$30, while the 4 supplementary products will be S$25.

According to Rowena, the range is meant for all skin tones from black to white and the versatile pigment-rich colours can be sheered out for a hint of tint or worn full-on.

The packaging was inspired by Chinese calligraphy ink bottles. These transparent glass vials not only amplify the colours, they are also reusable/recyclable. In addition, the black screw top caps are made of the same recyclable material as the Lush Fresh Face Mask pots, while the tags are made of recycled cardboard.

The elastic band that comes with the tag is ‘hair-friendly’ and the brand promises that you can use it to hold back your hair while you do your makeup.

In a concerted effort to launch this new range on the same day everywhere, Emotional Brilliance will be introduced at Lush stores all around the world on 21 July 2012. Going by the International Date Line, Lush New Zealand will be the first to unveil it…and as you might’ve guessed, this also means that Lush Singapore will be one of the first (the 5th country, actually) to see these coloured lovelies!

Video source: Lush


  • Jan says:

    interesting and unusual concept for makeup. can’t wait to try these in person

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Jan,

    Let me know what you think! The colours are quite pigmented. I will be looking out for a lovely teal in the collection. ;)

  • Sam says:

    Interesting – must remember to walk downtown to Lush on 21st July!

    (P.S. Ended up trying Essence ‘Make it Golden’ nail polish – very impressed that a $2.55 AU nail polish can stay on through my typing!)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sam,

      Ro says Lush is big in Oz; am sure it’s going to be great. You will see it before we do! ;)

      The Essence sounds like it has good staying power. I bought a few but haven’t opened them. Am sporting a Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish right now. :)

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