Lush Emotional Brilliance…What Can It Be?

Here’s a catchy song featuring Emotional Brilliance, a Lush product (collection?) coming soon in July 2012. The Lush employees have apparently signed NDAs, so not much will be revealed about this but I’m guessing it could be a makeup collection, going from the colourful graphics.

If so, it’ll be makeup redux, though – Lush once produced makeup under the B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful brand. I’ve never tried it as the garish beaded packaging of the vivid shades was simply too much for me.

This sister company has since folded, so Lush may very well bring cosmetics back. We’ll wait and see!

ETA: According to trade press, Emotional Brilliance is indeed a makeup line! Interestingly, it is based on colour therapy, with a product wheel that allows customers to select shades according to their moods.

Video and image sources: Lush Cosmetics and B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful Facebook Page

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