Kesalan Patharan Face Color N in 003

And while I’m channelling Kesalan Patharan, here’s a lovely eyeshadow single that I own from the brand. See how exquisite the packaging is? I love the boxes the shadows come in – they are printed with pretty flowers and have an expensive sheen to them. The shadow pots are special too; they may not be flashy or ornate but they have a mosaic feel to them, especially when they are placed with one another. Their simplicity also sets off the colour and texture of the product inside.

The embossment on the surface of the shadow is typical of many Kesalan Patharan products. I vividly remember my heart leaping many a time in the past when I laid eyes on KP makeup lovelies with beautiful detailing.

KP was one of the first Japanese brands to reel me into the world of fine beauty and high-quality makeup. I miss the brand and wish that it would return to Singapore. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that our local market couldn’t sustain this small niche brand when it was here. Here’s hoping that the growing beauty discernment of Singaporeans will bring it back some day.


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