Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

October 9, 2010

I remember the old Urban Decay Nail Enamels in bottles that looked like little dropper vials of potions, so I was curious about the Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit when I read about it online. I kept forgetting about it when it finally arrived in Singapore but was able to obtain a set when I recently did a Sephora exchange.

I’m throwing out the zippered case because its distressed purple metallic coat has disintegrated (the stickiness reminds me of the NARS cases) but this set of  seven 5 ml mini bottles is still value for money at S$25. There was a bit of a mix-up over the pricing initially (I remember it being priced at S$45 at one point) but the problem has since been rectified.

The kit contains:

  • White Widow (white sparkle)
  • Gunmetal (gunmetal sparkle)
  • Apocalypse (black-purple, almost black eggplant)
  • Grunge (metallic peacock)
  • Meltdown (royal purple)
  • Big Bang (sparkling hot pink) – this was from waaay before!
  • Fbomb (true red)

As before, Urban Decay’s Nail Enamel is formulated without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP (i.e. they’re Big-3 free). Apparently they are created with a new anti-chip technology but I’ve read some reviews about how they chip easily, so go figure. Scrangie has amazing – lemming-inducing – swatches of them!

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2 Responses to Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

  1. October 15, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Hi~ so was it suppose to be $25 or $45? Is it still available? T.T I saw it at $45 so didnt get it coe think its too expensive.

    • makeupmag
      October 15, 2010 at 9:23 pm

      Hi Keita,

      It’s S$25 – I confirmed it with the Sephora staff.

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