Gransenbon Gran Décolleté Luxury Powders in 01 Silk Moon, 02 Nude Flower and 03 Platinum Tiara

Some time back, Beauty Carousel gave me these Gransenbon powders to review.

Housed in round compacts in the same metallic rose as the boxy compacts of the popular Gransenbon Gran Brush blushes, these pressed powders can apparently be used all over the face for a soft glow, as well as to control oil production.

A luxurious finishing powder for face and body. Helps to control shine and conceal pores and imperfections. It gives your skin that beautiful translucent glow and clear skin tone. Contains soft-focus powder to cover pores and rough skin and squalene to keep skin moisturized. You will feel that long lasting young and smooth skin throughout the day. Fragrance-free. Brush included.

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These powders are S$39.90 each at the e-store – reasonably close to their price in Japan: ¥2,415, after tax (S$38+). Happily, shipping is free within Singapore, while there are subsidised shipping rates for overseas customers. :)

Like the blushes, these powders have a half-moon brush cleverly concealed in the compact for application and easy touch-ups.

Silk Moon is a golden vanilla, Nude Flower is a pastel petal pink and Platinum Tiara is a soft white.

The shimmery overspray is just that – a top coat that disappears with one swipe.

As you can tell from the swatches, they aren’t as shimmery as the Tony Moly Shimmer Lover Cubes, neither are they as luminous as MAC Lightscapade and Etude Marbleade in 03. They might be somewhat sheer but they have a diaphanous highlighting quality that I really like – they easily temper darker/stronger blush shades, as well as add a subtle glow to the face. They are slightly more subdued than Lightscapade but they do work much the same way as this famed MSF.

To show you what I mean, here is Nude Flower over NARS Angelika, a very pigmented, deep cotton candy pink blush with silver sparkles. I really like how the Gransenbon powder softens the blush and tones down the shimmer bits. ♥

Image sources: Beauty Carousel


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