EOTD | A Soft Eye with Clarins Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette

I recently played with the Clarins Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette and created a soft eye with the blendable colours.

Here’s the breakdown of this eye look:

1. A smidgeon of the black cream liner on the lid to act as a lid base.

2. The purple over the blended-out black on the mobile lid.

3. The dusty rose on the socket indent blended into the purple.

4. The cream beige and rosy beige blended from socket to brow for dimension.

5. The cream liner to line, with a flick at the end.

I deliberately kept the brows soft to set off the colours. It’s a departure from what I normally do on my own eyes but it turned out to be quite an Asian-flattering combination and would work for single/mono-lidded eyes. :)

As you can tell from the photo, the colours have a beautiful sheen to them; a feature I really like. And though this palette may not be richly-pigmented or striking like some of the shadow sets I own, the soft and blendable texture of its colours is something I appreciate.


  • Kas says:

    You know, I think my fave 2 shades in this palette are actually the neutral browns? :D Surprise surprise! But when I used the rose pink in my outer crease and closer to browbone, I actually liked how it sort of “brightened” the entire eyelook. I like the flick :D

  • Iris says:

    Love that shade of purple that you created! Definitely not what I was expecting from this palette!

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