Clarins Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette

When Clarins Singapore sent me the Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette (S$72) from its Spring 2011 collection, I was happy that the real thing looks better than I’d expected. It surprised me, really: It looks a little meh in one of its stock visuals (not the one featured above but one that presented the palette as being more pastel-light and washed out) yet in real life, there is a certain vibrancy to it, balanced by the softness of its base shades.

The first thing I thought when I opened it was how the second row of shadows looked like MAC ones, with their sheen and somewhat-strong hue. And though the top row looks ordinary, I like the gossamer-fine texture of these shimmery neutral shades. The black cream liner is a good addition to the palette too – it can be used both for definition and as a base to deepen the accent colours. It seems to wear quite well – I needed a proper makeup remover wipe to clean it off my skin.

Here are swatches of the palette. I’m looking forward to playing with the interesting bottom-row colours (the bruised plum shade is particularly appealing – I’d love to see how it works with the black liner).

If you’re fond of rich, deep colours with strong pigmentation, this might not be the palette for you, seeing as it is that half the shades are pale. However, if you enjoy soft, blendable medium-to-light shades, this would be a versatile shadow compact to play with and own. This will be perfect for many working women, thanks to its many neutral combinations. To take eyes from day to night, the lids can be easily smoked up with the darker hues.

As with many Clarins makeup products, this palette comes in a rich red velvet pouch. Together with the sleek gold casing, it speaks of beauty luxe. ♥

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