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Available at Soap ‘n Sorbet and BHG stores (Bugis and Clementi), Steam Cream (75 g/S$26) is an affordable moisturiser packaged in a flush-lid aluminium tin. A multi-purpose cream that is formulated with steam, this process apparently maximises the absorption of the moisturiser into the skin.

The eco-friendly/minimal-wastage recyclable tins come in a multitude of collectible designs – some permanent and some limited edition – created in Japan.

According to the company, the soft and luxuriant texture of the cream, as well as its glossy finish, is the result of the steam that is infused into the product. The process also promises intensive and long-lasting moisturising effects on the skin.

The science behind the process:

  • The power and energy produced by bubbling steam melts and fuses the ingredients together at a speed that defies most traditional cream-making methods.
  • The force and intensity allow the ingredients to emulsify instantly, producing this beautifully textured light and glossy cream.
  • The emulsion is held together very loosely and gently, allowing the cream to break down immediately on contact with the skin for maximum benefit.
  • In most creams, the emulsifying process is what holds the ingredients tightly together. It can also stop creams breaking down. Because of this, each ingredient struggles to enter the skin individually. It stays as a blend, moisturising the skin’s surface yet preventing its real benefits from reaching deep into the skin’s molecular structure.
  • Steam Cream creates a cream that forms a gentle and loose emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient to break back down to its purest form, penetrating the skin where needed.

Steam Cream

Its traceable ingredients include orange flower water, oatmeal infusion and glycerine for hydration, almond/organic jojoba oils and cocoa butter to seal in the hydration, as well as a natural blend of pure essential oils that aid in toning, soothing and healing the skin.

There are parabens in the formula but they serve to stabilise the emulsion and appear last on the list (which indicates that they are probably in small quantities), if you’re leery of this.

I’ve been using my Steam Cream tin very regularly for the past few weeks and have discovered that:

  • It spreads well – The emollient cream goes on easily and there is no uncomfortable gooey sensation, thanks to its almost runny texture.
  • It hydrates effectively – The cream sinks into the skin easily and makes/keeps it smooth and soft. The appearance of fine lines is immediately minimised and dry patches are easily quenched, with this cream.
  • It can be used everywhere on the body  to ease dryness – I like that it works well on my face and neck, as well as on my legs and arms. I’d imagine this would be perfect to prevent/minimise the appearance of stretch marks!
  • It smells great – I love the natural lavender scent that it carries and though there is no tea tree in the ingredient list, there seems to be a refreshing whiff of tea tree in the cream.
  • It can be a tad too heavy for warmer/humid climes – A little goes a very long way. Too much of the cream and the skin will feel sticky and uncomfortable…even until the following day. (Thankfully, it doesn’t clog the pores.) That said, it works well in cooler temps and certainly in an air-conditioned room.
  • It could be more hygienically-packaged – Although I understand the eco-sense behind the packaging, dipping into a pot is something I’d prefer not to do if I had a choice. The cream can also get onto the side of the tin, making it difficult to lock the lid in place.

Functionally and aesthetically, Steam Cream is a good buy – S$26 is not too bad a price to pay for its all-rounded moisturising ability and efficacy, as well as its beautiful tin designs. :)

Image sources: Soap ‘n Sorbet and Steam Cream


  • Ashley says:

    I absolutely LOVE steam cream! I first read about it on your site last year, and since then I’ve made several people Steam Cream converts. The funny thing is, even though I live in Japan, I wouldn’t know about it if it weren’t for this site^^

  • xuan-er says:

    yeah, thanks to you and Haru, that is where I got to know of this.
    Now I pick them up whenever I am in Japan and they are really great for my overseas trip..all in one ^_^

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