Review | Ettusais Quick Fix Powder

It’s not difficult to be taken with the cute raspberry pink case of Ettusais Quick Fix Powder (the doily print is très mignon) but at the end of the day, I want the product to work.

And work, it does. This powder gives a smooth finish without looking masky and it doesn’t look cakey when used for touch-ups. I especially like the immediate even-toned appearance it gives my visage. Just this powder over a sunscreen suffices for days when I don’t want too much base makeup on my face but would like a little coverage. In addition, the fluffy puff feels soothing on the skin (a feature of Ettusais products, being an anti-acne brand). The airy puff has a little bounce to it, as well as a cool, pleasant sensation.

Where oil control is concerned, it performs fairly well. In an air-conditioned environment, I need only blot my face within 3-4 hours of wear. More impressively, it managed to stay put despite my face getting rain-sprayed during heavy showers yesterday! (No umbrella is a shield against wind-driven rain. :P)

I’ve been using the press sample I’d been given since I’d written about this powder and am so pleased with its performance that I’m thinking of purchasing a back-up when it launches. It works and is only S$26, after all!

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