Brow Waxing at Bliss Spa Singapore

Tired of my numerous brow strays and too lazy to laboriously tweeze them, I decided to try Bliss Spa’s affordable brow waxing service (S$20) today.

I called to book an appointment and within minutes, an SMS arrived to inform me of my confirmed booking and to reiterate the time of the appointment. I like that the establishment practises such an efficient confirmation/reminder method.

Upon arrival, I was offered a drink from the refreshment table which held teas, plain water with lemon, orange cordial and brownies. All customers are given this privilege, regardless of the spa services they book. A nice touch!

I was led to a comfy seat that reclined to a suitable angle. Unlike at Benefit where I need to sit upright, I like that I could lie down comfortably during the Bliss brow waxing session.

After I lay down, the spa therapist cleaned my brows and immediately applied the heated purple wax onto the area below my lower brow line.

Its comfortable temperature was soothing, although I wish the therapist had warned me beforehand about the wax landing on my skin; it gave me a little jolt when it went on!

She proceeded to remove the brow wax patch once it semi-hardened and the shiny surface turned matte. It isn’t painless but it doesn’t hurt terribly, either. I’d peg it as a momentary skin sting that will settle, especially after the therapist ministered to the area with a soothing oil (according to her, this Bliss Poetic Waxing Professional Pre-and-Post Waxing Oil is only available for professional use).

A few more times of waxing followed for the same area, coupled with tweezing to remove stubborn follicles and a little trimming of the longer brow hairs to neaten the brow line. She then turned her attention to the upper brow line, where she repeated the same process. Interestingly, she also waxed a centimetre above the brows to eliminate the fine hairs in that area. She rounded everything off by waxing in between the brows – she spread the wax all the way to the upper nose bridge for traction and maximum clearance! ;)

Pictured above is the wax patch, post-removal. Unlike Benefit’s brow waxing method, these are removed whole like stickers, without using any paper to lift the wax.

While I appreciated the therapist’s warm hands and gentle movements that sought to minimise my pain, there was one thing remiss in the experience – she wasn’t wearing a disposable face mask. I was surprised when I felt her breath on me, given the proximity. She didn’t smell bad but for the sake of hygiene, the staff would be well-advised to wear protective masks. I know that they do for the mani/pedi treatments, so this instance could have been an anomaly or a moment of forgetfulness.

After the waxing, I was asked by more than one smiling staff member if I’d like a drink, which was really nice. :) When I finally went to the counter to pay, I was asked if I’d like to include a gratuity/tip since there is no service charge included in the price of the brow waxing. Such a practice is similar to that of Bliss Spa in the US and other American establishments, where tips are given by the customer, in lieu of a standard service charge.

The request threw me a little but I figured it’s a good motivation for the staff to do their best, plus the customer gets to decide how much to tip (or not at all). In the end, I paid S$20 by credit card and gave S$2 in cash as a tip (the tip can be included in the credit card bill too, if you so choose).

The entire experience lasted 15 minutes but it felt longer and was relaxing for the most part, thanks to the soothing heated wax. My brows are neat by waxing standards and their surrounding area is very clean and clear now, save for a little redness. I’m also happy to say that no itching or bumps ensued from the session. :)

Given the comfortable setting, the gentle yet effective treatment and the affordable price, I’d certainly recommend this service.

Bliss Spa Singapore is located within Sephora at Ion and is open 7 days a week. Besides brow waxing, the establishment offers an extensive range of pampering services. You can view the US spa menu here – Bliss Spa Singapore offers most of these services. Do note, though, that the prices on the website are in USD and that our local prices are much lower. ;)

Alternatively, you could visit the Bliss Singapore Facebook page for more information and to be updated on promotions. To book an appointment, you can contact Bliss Spa Singapore directly at (65) 6509 3511.

Image source: Bliss Singapore


  • Kas says:

    Heyyy! Thanks for this post! I wasn’t aware of this eyebrow wax! I once had a Nair microwavable wax pot that didn’t require waxing strips either (just rip off the hardened wax). And yes, a face mask would have been definitely welcome :D

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