Review | Tony Moly 3-Point Easy Eyebrow in 01 Black Grey

Like the special Kate waterline pen, this brow pen from Tony Moly (S$26.90) has three prongs.

Using it flat helps the colour to catch easily onto brow hairs and the skin beneath, while using it on the plane of one prong lends definition and is best for the brow tail.

I’m still undecided about this product: While I like its colour and near-indelibility (it doesn’t smudge and the waterproof formula only washes off with soap/cleansing oil), I’m not entirely convinced about the design – I don’t exactly see the benefit of the three-point nib; in less-experienced hands, it might prove to be a bane (think three distinct lines or unexpected harshness).

In general, though, these pens have a natural tint that is great for filling in sparse brows and creating definition, so they are worth a go, if you’re fine with experimenting with the special nib.

This particular shade fills in brows very easily and goes on somewhat intensely over my brows, so a light hand is definitely recommended. My preferred method of using this is to pair it with a spooly brush for an even, natural look.


  • Kas says:

    Agreed on the 3 distinct lines bit – or i might end up only covering my eyebrows with 2 of the points and “accidentally” draw a parallel 3rd line on the outside of my brow (espy towards the tail!) LOL! Kate has a similar looking eyeliner right?

  • NotCathy says:

    Wow, that was awesome eyebrow.. It is easy to apply and it can be natural look.. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  • NotCathy says:

    Yeah, you are right, brow pens need more practice.. :) But practice makes perfect right? :)

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