Review | Kosé Esprique Liquid Brow in BR300

Part of the Autumn 2011 collection of the new and sleek Esprique range which replaces Esprique Precious, this eyebrow pen may look unassuming but its efficacy is quite impressive.

As you can see, the brush tip is super fine, which allows for more refined strokes (a thicker nib might splodge on product and would make gentle tapering difficult). In addition, the applicator is pliable without being too floppy and is fairly easy to control.

I used the brow pen with my recent Fred Farrugia eye. Although the shade that I received as a press sample from the brand is too brown for my black hair, I like the consistency of the ink and am inclined to seek out the greyed version, GY002, which is closer to the brow shades I generally use.

Slightly wetter and inkier than the K-Palette version, it easily lays down colour, while its moisture allows me to run a spooly brush through the brows for a more even application. Of course, you can stroke on the colour sans the use of a mascara brush but I prefer this method for a more natural finish.

At only S$25, this is priced very reasonably for a counter brand product and is certainly worth a try!


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