Canmake Make Me Happy Eau de Toilette in Pink Grapefruit

Canmake Singapore recently sent me a press sample of its Make Me Happy Eau de Toilette in Pink Grapefruit (S$36.90/30 ml), its newest fragrance. I was happy to be able to experience it first-hand because I was quite taken with the genie bottle flaçon, as well as the authentic grapefruit scent, when I first spotted it at BHG a few weeks back.

The glass bottle is in gradating hues of transparent sweet pink, orange and amber, while the burst of sparkling citrus that each spritz releases is refreshing and zesty. Though it’s laced with sweetness, it is not cloying at all. It’s a fun fragrance to own and a nice one for our all-year round summery climate.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last at all; you will need to keep respraying it along the course of the day to keep the scent on you. As such, I’d peg this as a temporary lift-the-senses kind of fragrance – an aromatic boost of sorts – rather than an all-day, enduring one.

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