The Body Shop Body Butter Duos

New from The Body Shop are the Body Butter Duos. In a stroke of practical brilliance, this improved version of the brand’s popular body butters now gives users two levels of moisturisation in one container: Each 200 ml pot is divided into two by a wave partition – one half hosting an emollient body butter to moisturise normal skin, the other with a heavier butter to palliate dry skin.

Very clever of the brand to offer two formulations to serve different skin needs!

Available in three scents – Floral Açai, Macadamia and Sweet Pea – these body butters promise to both lift and soothe the senses, while keeping skin smooth and supple. They contain Community Fair Trade ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter from Ghana, babassu nut oil and soya oil from Brazil, beeswax from Cameroon and Brazil nut oil from Peru – all richly moisturising ingredients.

These tubs of skin softeners retail at S$32.90 each and are already available at The Body Shop stores across the island.

I’ve tried my press sample of Floral Açai and like its berry scent – it is pleasantly fruity with a slight floral hint and is surprisingly lasting. It can be a little overwhelming though, so it might be too strong for people who are leery of heavy fragrances.

The creamy butter for normal skin is rich enough for my body’s general moisturisation needs; in fact, I’d say it more than suffices – it can be a touch too much, really and a little oilier than I prefer. It seems to sink better into my skin when I’m in a drier, air-conditioned environment, though. The heavier – slightly more solid – product in the other half of the dual pot is best on areas prone to dryness and roughness such as the knee caps, elbows and heels.

Besides using touch to differentiate the two, you can tell them apart from their shades – the butter for dry skin is slightly darker than that for normal skin.

Image source: The Body Shop Singapore


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