MAC Surf, Baby! Haul

Yesterday saw the launch of the MAC Surf, Baby! collection island-wide. As with the brand’s previous summer collections, the products are encased in special packaging.

I like the mustard, slate and red lines contrasted against the pearlised white; very surfer board! The hibiscus detail surrounded by a teal ellipse also gives the cheery packaging a touch of summery flair.

I swung by MAC at Tangs Orchard and picked up Eye Shadow in Surf USA (S$30) for Iris, as well as Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Noon (S$30) and Lipstick in Naturally Eccentric (S$30) for myself.

I later hopped over to the MAC Pro store at Ngee Ann City to quickly purchase Cheek Powder in My Paradise (S$48) for Iris (it was sold out at Tangs by noon!).

Surf USA looks like a cross between Aquadisiac and Waternymph, two popular MAC shadows.

It’s too bright for my tastes now (can’t believe I’m saying this) and it swatched just a wee bit chalky (similar to Crème de Violet but finer in texture). However, it is very pigmented and is a brilliant teal that is perfect for summer.

My Paradise is a beautiful reddened peach blush embossed with a golden hibiscus. It flew off the shelves very quickly – only 6 pieces remained as of 1.30 pm at MAC NAC.

It’s very pigmented and swatched evenly, while the petals add a dash of gorgeous gold dust to the blush powder. Doing this messes up the flower, though, so I’d say either you use the gold sparingly or buy a back-up to keep as a makeup art item!

I was taken by the jewel tone of Blue Noon as soon as I swatched it. I need to compare it with Topshop Kohl in Petrol in terms of colour but I can never have enough teal shadow bases. ;)

The best thing about this MAC version is that it’s in the Powerpoint formula (about time!) which would work as a longer-lasting base.

I’ll admit it – I am weak when it comes to pretty makeup. I’d put myself on a lip ban, dismayed by the number of lip products that I own but I succumbed to Naturally Eccentric (great name!) because I love the creamy nude shade of this lippy and the buttery way it glided across the back of my hand (it’s in the Lustre formula which I like).

I guess Javen – my regular MAC MA – summed it up best when he  intoned, “That’s why it called addiction!” :P

Image source: MAC Cosmetics Singapore


  • Kas says:

    So I’ll have to pop by tomorow; but now i’m curious as to how Surf USA compares to Teal pigment – I can’t seem to find a comparison swatch online. I’m kinda drawn to Hibiscus lipstick too! :)

  • TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    Hey Mag! The collection is certainly very pretty. Looks like you had a good haul – I think naturally eccentric (like the girl on board lipglass) is very much a layering kind of shade. I’m very interested in seeing how you will incorporate it in a look.
    I had myself on a lip makeup ban too….but still managed to snag the studio careblend powders, the cheek powder, the blue noon powerpoint, surf usa e/s (it ‘s such a workable teal, though I wish the formula was something other than frost, but I understand the need to amp up the brightness quotient) and a backup of saffron.
    I’m blaming my weakness on the packaging…there….that sounds better…it’s not your fault, it’s the packaging!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Tuggie,

      The packaging is quite special! I plan to use Naturally Eccentric alone but will pull it out for diluting deeper shades. Your haul is fantastic! Great choices. :)

  • milktea says:

    I like the Surf USA teal shadow! Hope to see you swatch it soon! :-)

  • milktea says:

    Same with the My Paradise cheek powder! :-) Hope to see a FOTD using this product! ;-)

  • miwitch says:

    OMGosh!! All the colours so pretty! This collection is going to kill all the beauty junkies’ wallet out there!~ hahax!~ I love the colours you have chose too! Especially that lippy! Hope to see swatches! =D

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Miwitch,

    I’ll try! The colours are very vibrant in this new collection. :)

  • Nice stash! I love the blush but it was sold out everywhere by me as well!

  • Soccer Mom says:

    I’m lusting after the lippy. Just like you I’ve put a lippy ban on myself but seeing that lippy and reading how you described it as “creamy nude” and “buttery” i have this overwhelming urge to rush to the nearest Mac counter. Please post LOTD with products from this haul!

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