Aura by Swarovski

Created by the Clarins Fragrance Group who are also behind perfumes from Thierry Mugler, Porsche Design, Azzaro and David Yurman, Aura by Swarovski is the new scent from the globally-renowned crystal company.

According to Clarins, the collaboration was an ideal one, thanks to both being family-run companies that are known for their professionalism and creative drive.

Christened a luminescent fragrance with the grace of light, the concept behind Aura is crystal light: light passing through and emanating from a prism. Everything – from the packaging to the ingredients – seeks to capture that complexity and radiance characteristic of a faceted Swarovski gem.

Swarovski fact:

The facets of each Swarovski crystal reveal and expose energy by capturing light and diffracting it in many directions. Even the tiniest Swarovski crystal, at just 0.8 mm, has no fewer than 17 facets – so each one is its own dazzling light show. Only the utmost precision can create such a spectacular effect.

With ‘a case fit for a jewel’, the box opens like a jewellery case to reveal the fragrance. Interestingly, it is made of iridescent paper that gives off a gentle glow and diffuses light, thanks to an exclusive-to-Swarovski embossing process.

With ‘a bottle cut from pure light’, the fragrance vial catches the light from all angles. I love how the fragrance, coloured a subtle rose, rests prettily in the sleek flaçon as a sheath of gleaming metal hugs the glass inside. (A fingerprint magnet but so beautiful, nonetheless!)

Like Clarins, Swarovski is an environmentally-responsible brand. As such, the boxes are made from recycled – and recyclable – cardboard with no inserts, while the glass bottles can be broken down into their individual components.

The scent was refined by the perfumers only after 2000 tries (that’s dedication for you!) and the final creation not only pleases the olfactory senses, it also promises to bring out a woman’s inner beauty.

A combination of white musk and amber – reminiscent of Estée Lauder Pleasures – is at the heart of the fragrance, while lychee adds to its sweetness. Jasmine and top-quality Bulgarian rose lace the scent with nostalgic charm and there’s a sparkling accent in it that I’m fond of too.

The brand describes the notes of this pleasant floral scent as such:

At the heart of the fragrance is a prism of energy, a fusion of amber and white musk. Three high-flown olfactory vibrations of pure color become charged with energy and are transformed into fresh, luminous and scintillating rays of clear light.

A fruity ray, with notes of soft lychee: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into fresh, tart vibrations of delicate femininity.

A floral ray with sensual notes of white jasmine: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into luminous, diaphanous vibrations of intense seduction.

A rosy floral ray, with powdery notes of rose: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into dazzling, alluring vibrations of sparkling femininity.

Besides the fragrance, the collection also comprises a succinct offering of makeup, as well as bath and body products.

The lipglosses and cream highlighter in the compact Aura makeup range are described by Swarovski as ‘luminous make-up nestled in a precious jewel’ that promise to illuminate a woman’s beauty through crystal:

Crystal transformed into make-up: the textures contain powdered, micronized Swarovski crystal and Crystal Shine iridescent pearls that fuse with the skin to create stunning shine.

Because it is crafted from crystal and pearl, this complex has an effect on the skin that is radically different from the one obtained through classic “glitter” make-up. Here, the skin itself becomes luminescent, diffracting light in a thousand and one directions.

Light dances beautifully on the asymmetrical form of these jewelled pendants adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Gloss comes in two translucent shades to add shine to the lips, while Crystal Touch imparts a touch of sparkle to the eyes, face and body.

The body care line consists of a body cream, a body lotion, a shower gel and a deodorant spray, all developed by Clarins Laboratories, naturally! This quartet is delicately fragranced with the Aura scent.

Both the body lotion and cream are infused with a micronised powder of real Swarovski crystal and Crystal Shine iridescent pearls for a luminous finish. Containing moisturising shea butter, they not only perfume the body but also hydrate the skin to keep it soft and supple.

I found the body lotion to smell muskier than the perfume itself, while the body cream is subtler and sweeter. The lotion is also more shimmery than the cream.

This permanent collection is only available at Swarovski and Sephora stores, as well as Takashimaya.

Below are the prices of the Aura by Swarovski collection in Singapore:

Eau Toilette

  • Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray 30 ml (S$80)
  • Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray 50 ml (S$100)
  • Eau de Toilette Refillable Spray 75 ml (S$140)
  • Eau de Toilette Refill Bottle 50 ml (S$80)

Makeup Jewels

  • Crystal Gloss in Transparent Shimmer (S$100)
  • Crystal Gloss in Glistening Pink (S$100)
  • Crystal Touch in Silver Shimmer (S$120)

Crystallize Your Body Bath Line

  • Perfumed Body Cream 150 ml (S$88)
  • Perfumed Body Lotion 200 ml (S$55)
  • Perfumed Shower Gel 200 ml (S$52)
  • Perfumed Deodorant Spray 100 ml (S$39)

The eau de parfum range is currently not available here but I’m hoping it makes its way here soon, so stunning is its packaging! ♥

Image sources: Swarovski Singapore, Clarins Singapore and Swarovski Beauty


  • dblchin says:

    I totally love the sleek and chic design of Swarovski items. I’ve got a pair of earrings given by my bf & I can’t wait to wear them!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Clara,

      Me too. They have very beautiful pieces of jewellery and crystal ornaments. One of my faves is a crystal rose and a quill in an ink pot! :)

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