Tokidoki Sanchez Travel Trolley Hard Case Luggage

I couldn’t help but take a photo of this adorable Tokidoki luggage case when I saw it at Tangs Orchard today. Originally S$479, it is now 20% off. This + the Tangs Platinum Card 10% rebate = substantial savings! ;)

My son told me the print is the same as that on the June page of the Tokidoki 2011 Wall Calendar but it’s missing the cute makeup characters. The print is still charming and incredibly detailed, nonetheless.

According to where it retails at US$322, this 10-pound case measures 15″ (w) x 21″ (h) x 8″ (d) and has 5 zippered interior pockets and a pull-out handle, while its exterior is 100% printed polycarbonate.

Although the case seems sturdy and hardy, I spotted a few scratches on the display piece – I’m not sure how deeply they extend and if the print will wear off easily. I didn’t buy it, although I’d confess that while I don’t need it, I sure want it!

Image source: Style Next


  • Mei says:

    Awwww so pretty! I bought a few of the bags :) So few pieces for some of the models! BTW is Tokidoki still at Tangs? Thought there’s only one counter at Taka

  • stella says:

    unless it’s a carry-on, i’m sure all that handling will bang up the prints! which means that u’ll have to wrap it all up before any flight…which defeats the purpose of such a cute bag!

  • Mei says:

    Thanks! Will check it out when I am at Tangs, didn’t realize they shifted down from level 3 :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Mei,

      You’re welcome! I first saw the Tokidoki bags at Tangs Level 4, a floor for showcasing rotating fashion brands. Sometimes, these brands make it to the other floors for increased visibility/sales. ;)

  • joinks says:

    I wonder if this is still available? I havent been inside tangs but I will tomorrow! Im excited to see the tokidoki selling area! :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Joinks,

      It’s currently still available at Takashimaya and is 20% off too~! There’s also a keychain gift-with-purchase, if I recall correctly.

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