Anna Sui Autumn 2011 Makeup Collection

The newly-launched Anna Sui makeup collection for Fall 2011 bears the tagline ‘Magical strokes for astonishing eyes!’.

As you’ve probably already guessed, this collection – which draws inspiration from eye makeup in the 1960s – is all about the eyes. I love the ad visual. As distinctive as ’60s eye makeup is, it is also timeless, to a certain extent.

Here’s a look at the products:

Perfect Mascara (S$41)

The centrepiece of the collection, this mascara is packaged in an exquisite tube adorned with the signature Anna Sui heart and rose motifs. According to the brand, this film-type sebum/sweat/water-resistant mascara volumises the lashes and maintains a curl, while ultra-fine, short fibres layer to form a smooth, reflective finish. The adherent Triple Solid Oil in it not only blends and meshes those fibres to create long, voluminous lashes, it also forms a waterproof film.

The tapered ends of the almond-shaped brush allow the mascara to coat the inner and outer lashes, while its fuller centre lengthens lashes in the middle for a wide-eyed look.

This mascara is only available in 001 Rich Black. I like the dark glossy richness of the black pigments.

Lash Amplifying Mascara (S$41)

According to the brand, the creamy coloured mascaras in this range impart a smooth and voluminous film on lashes, while the plant-based polysaccharides in the formula enhance viscosity to give the appearance of voluminous lashes.

001 Star Black, 100 Brilliant Blue, 300 Brilliant Pink

Like the Perfect Mascara, the formula promises a smudge-free finish.

Unlike regular mascaras, they have a flexible pronged spatula comb that coats lashes with the product.

Eyebrow Color Compact (S$41)

01 Red Brown, 02 Yellow Brown, 03 Ash Brown

The coral, yellow and green tones are quite intriguing – they purportedly add dimension to the brows.

The angled end of the double-ended brush is meant for picking up the dark shade to create definition and a sculpted brow, while the softer end is for picking up the gradated colours to shade and blend. I’ll use my proper brow brushes when applying but this tool is useful for brow touch-ups on the go.

Eyeliner Pencil WP (S$28, limited edition)

01 Brilliant Blue, 02 Mysterious Purple, 03 Hot Pink, 04 Pearl Bronze, 05 Neon Green

At last, waterproof pencils from Anna Sui! I’m actually really impressed with these – testing them at the preview proved that they really do not smudge and aren’t easy to remove.

Foundation Case – Rock, Cute, Elegant (S$28, limited edition)

These fun-looking cases fit all Anna Sui powder foundations and come with a lavender-coloured sponge that sits on a separate holder to keep it from resting on the product pan – hygienic and practical.

Image source: Anna Sui


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