Kosé Visée Aqua Shining Eyes in GY 003

In a Twitter chat yesterday, Iris reminded me of Kosé Visée Aqua Shining Eyes in GY 003, a cream eyeshadow that has since been discontinued. Thanks to new distractions, I’d completely forgotten about this pretty thing.

Iris’s mention of it sent me rummaging for the shadow and I found it – brand new in box – nestled snugly between new eyeshadow singles and palettes in one of my drawers for Japanese makeup (I have two; one for products currently in use and one for BNIB items).

To my delight, the product is still fresh in its tube and swatched beautifully.

A complex gunmetal grey with mauve tones, GY 003 is infused with multi-coloured sparkles dominated by reflective rose-pink micro-glitter. An indubitably unique shade!

I wasn’t sure if I should have labelled this post ‘Makeup Memories’ since this product has long been discontinued but I’m thrilled with this (re)discovery. :)

This was part of a lineup that included other pretty shades.

Aqua Shining Eyes in WT 001, PU 100 and GR 700 were also in my stash. I’d taken the two photos above when I first received these shadows from a custom purchase that Iris had done for me; I can’t believe they’re still in my PC!

I can’t remember what happened to the purple and the aqua but the white was in my kit for quite a while. It was reminiscent of Beauté de Kosé Eye Fantasist in Crystal Cream, only with slightly bigger glitter particles. I have since used it up – it was a beautiful product for night-time bridal makeup.

The Aqua Shining Eyes are more watery than the Eye Fantasists and aren’t as crease-proof but like them, they have very pretty sparkles. ♥

Image source: Kosé Visée


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