RMK Dusty Bright Colors Collection for Autumn/Winter 2011

Already available at the counters, the new RMK collection exemplifies the finesse and sophistication of this well-known Japanese brand. Unerringly devoted to beauty perfection – just look at the visual above! – Rumiko, the brand’s eponymous makeup artist creator, has scored a makeup triumph with this exquisite collection inspired by the still life artwork of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi.

Dusty Bright Colors may sound like an oxymoron but the sparkle and lightness that underscore the muted shades in many of the products not only impart lustre, they also add a complexity to the creamy hues.

Below are the items in this collection. Some are limited edition, while others – like the new shadow duos – will be part of the permanent range.

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes (S$65)

  • 01 Beige Brown
  • 02 Grayish Green
  • 03 Grayish Brown
  • 04 Coral Brown
  • 05 Deep Red
  • 06 Gold

An ingenious pairing, each duo features a pigmented cream shadow and a finely-milled glitter powder. The smooth and lightweight cream is a water-resistant one that can be worn on its own or layered over with its sparkly counterpart. The hinged double-decked pot conveniently houses the two products, minimising product crossover.

Here is a video demonstrating the water-resistant – almost smudge-proof – nature of these eyeshadows.

I couldn’t get clear shots of swatches of 03 Grayish Brown and 05 Deep Red but here are those of 01 Beige Brown, 02 Grayish Green, 04 Coral Brown and 06 Gold. The multi-dimensional sparkle of the powders is quite special, lending them a striking radiance atop the beautiful creams.

If you’d like something versatile, the gold/silver duo is especially useful for warming and cooling shadows, the different textures aside. Its final clear tone when paired is a stunning neutral that can be layered thinly over other shadows as a twinkly veil or applied just on the centre of the mobile lid for eye-catching glimmer.

The eyeshadow pairs all come with an RMK Retractable Cream & Powder Eyeshadow Brush. The end for cream is made of goat hair and tapered polyester, while the end for powder is made with horse hair. This brush is exactly the same as the full-sized one.

You might gulp at the S$65 price tag at first but when you factor in the quality and effect of the eyeshadows, as well as the well-made brush, these duos don’t seem so expensive any more. What really sealed the deal for me was the Japanese price – these retail at ¥3,990 in Japan, about S$68 now – which is higher than our local retail price. ;)

RMK Gloss Lips N (S$36)

  • EX-01 Beige Gold (limited edition)
  • P-09 Coral
  • P-10 Red
  • EX-02 Deep Red (limited edition)

The lipglosses are more pigmented than some of the earlier RMK offerings. The first thing that struck me when I saw them was how juicy and shiny they looked!

My swatches don’t capture it well but these have multi-faceted shimmer that twinkle beautifully in the light. I appreciate their being priced reasonably at S$36 – the same price as lipglosses from Kesalan Patharan (another high-end Japanese brand) when it was still available in Singapore.

RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks (S$65)

  • EX-01 Beige Pink (limited edition)
  • EX-02 Orange (limited edition)
  • EX-03 Rosy Brown

Formulated with a moisturising ingredient, these pearlescent blushes have an incredibly lustrous finish. Photos don’t do them justice; you’ll have to test them at the counter to get a feel of their super-smooth texture.

I’ll admit that the price is something to baulk at but if it helps, the brush applicator is made of soft horse hair which has a silky touch. I couldn’t help flicking it between my fingers when I first handled it – I so enjoyed the tactile sensation of its smooth bristles! :)

RMK Nail Color EX (S$25)

  • P-24 Gold Beige
  • EX-06 Green (limited edition)
  • P-25 Gray
  • P-26 Deep Red

These gorgeous colours are perfect for the holiday season. I particularly love the rich ruby shade. RMK polishes are well-known for their quality: Even before the brand reformulated and re-introduced its lacquers, I had friends who sang praises of their complex hues and pretty effect.

I learnt from Iris that the current crop of polishes lasts very well. Best of all, these pretty polishes are only S$25!

RMK Eyelash N

  • 01, 02 and 03 (full length) (S$23)
  • 04 (half length) (S$19)
  • 05 (partial) (S$19)
  • 06 (lower lash) (S$19)

Lastly, this collection also sees the introduction of false eyelashes. Hand-made in Vietnam, these synthetic lashes come in varying lengths and sizes to suit different needs.

Here is the video of the making of the gorgeous collection visual – I enjoyed the mixture of languid product images and the behind-the-scenes action.

For product updates and promotions, do visit the RMK Singapore Facebook page.

Image source: RMK


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