Bobbi Brown Party Collection Mini-Brush Set Travel Exclusive

An exclusive from Bobbi Brown travel retail, this petite brush set caught my eye because of the shiny exterior of the silvery case.

Its interior is no less attractive, thanks to the gorgeous chocolate-pewter shade; very classy indeed.

The sleek case is fastened securely with a simple push-button clasp. I really like the slimness of the holder and the clean look of the button.

This mini brush set comprises a/an:

  • Face Blender Brush
  • Eye Sweep Brush
  • Mini Eye Shadow/Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush (dual-ended)
  • Eye Liner Brush

These brushes are made in China, unfortunately, as are most (all?) MAC travel-sized brush sets. According to the brand, they are  ‘professional-quality brushes’. I haven’t tried them but from initial tactile judgement, they’d probably serve their purpose fairly well. Though they feel adequate, the two larger brushes seem to have a funny smell. Perhaps a good wash will solve this problem!

The synthetic ones are quite well-made and I appreciate the double-ended shadow/liner brush. I’m not one for brush duos but as travel makeup tools, they are pretty handy.

The case is about 13 cm long and 8 cm wide – this might help you estimate the lengths of these mini brushes.

As mentioned, this set is a travel exclusive, thus it can only be found at airports and travel retail stores where Bobbi Brown is sold. I don’t have its price on hand but I reckon it’ll be reasonable, given the pricing of travel retail sets.

Image source: Bobbi Brown Travel Retail

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