Review | Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeliner Long Lasting Intense Color in LWL-01 Deepest Black

I recently saw this pencil lying in my pencil drawer and decided to use it for the first time, despite having purchased it quite some time ago. Thanks to the numerous eyeliners I own, it had been buried by its counterparts. I’m so happy it finally lolled its way to the surface because this is a certified makeup gem!

Like many good waterproof liners, this liner is made in Germany. It is encased in the typical black wood (? – I have yet to find out what this material is exactly) of such pencils and sharpens easily.

Smooth in texture and richly black, I love the intensity it imparts. Best of all, it is excellent for water-lining and tight-lining, thanks to its waterproof quality.

How did it prove itself? My right eye was tearing profusely one day, thanks to a foreign particle having gotten into it. So I teared and teared (as if I was watching a weepy drama, when in fact I was terrified at the idea of my eye makeup running! ;)) but to my utter surprise, my waterline was intact with only just a little white showing at the outer corner, almost like an imperceptible nick.

This, my friends, I happily declare a new favourite!

Here’s what the brand has to say about this range of pencils:

Total Intensity Eyeliner Long Lasting Intense Color

Smoky black shades with an iridescent twist.
Smudge proof, Waterproof, Transfer proof.
Smooth texture for tug proof application. Paraben free.

Sounds good, no? The black isn’t iridescent but it isn’t flatly matte, either. I’d say it’s a velvet finish, if anything. I haven’t seen the other colours but I’m certainly interested in them now.

I purchased Deepest Black at Venus Beauty, a neighborhood beauty supplies store at Toa Payoh Central. I can’t recall how much I’d paid for it but I don’t think it cost very much. I’m fairly certain I’d spent less than S$12 on it. ;)

Image source: Prestige Cosmetics


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