Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil Bottle in Cupid

Here’s Cupid, the latest special edition bottle of the popular Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil. This charming illustration is created by acclaimed Japanese textile designer Masaru Suzuki whose colourful and vivid prints dominate his fabric brand OTTAIPNU.

Here’s how Fancl describes the illustration (more spring angel than Cupid to me but interpretations differ, I guess!):

Dressed in a dreamily soft shade of blushing pink, the bottle features an adorable motif of the well-loved winged angel in a vibrant berry hue, topped off with fluttery wings in cream.

Basked in an air of positivity, Cupid showers his surroundings in sweet blessings of love and luck with a colourful bouquet of cascading floral blooms.

The bells on the ‘Cupid’ design aptly captures the happiness and wealth of love that Cupid brings with him, the light-hearted feeling of being love-struck and that heady sense of bliss when we get swept off our feet.

Cupid is just as whimsical as past Fancl bottles. :)

In Singapore, this cleansing oil retails at S$33 for 120 ml and like all full-sized Fancl MCO bottles, it comes with a complimentary mini 20 ml bottle in a related design.

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