Review | Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Cyber Eyes EyeShadows in Cyber Green, Cyber Lilac, Cyber Silver and Cyber Teal

Like the Estée Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée in Modern Mercury with the ‘tribrid’ (liquid/powder/gel) Prisma Shine technology, these latest eyeshadow singles from Estée Lauder have an undulant surface that seems to shimmy as you tilt them.

The cool 3D effect aside, these shadows are hugely impressive with their intense colour payoff. They feel almost-cooling and have a firm yet bouncy texture. They aren’t as creamy as their highlighter predecessor but they do pop incredibly when wet – the metallic sheen is absolutely stunning (think molten metal!).

To add to this laudable list of plus points is their wearing prowess – they last very long on the lids and do not fade easily.

Cyber Green is a golden soot with hints of deep olive and forest green. The sparkles amidst the black bed are beautiful to behold, especially when the shadow is applied with a dampened brush. The name is odd, though – it’s clearly more black (and to some extent, a sooty brown) than green.

Cyber Lilac is a Fanta Grape purple that will send bubbles up a purple lover’s heart! I really like its subtle dense shimmer when dry and the richly pigmented sheen when wet. Like Cyber Green, the name is a touch off – it’s more violet than lilac, really. (A quick Google revealed that the lilac flower has varying shades of purple and this is indeed one of them!)

Cyber Silver is a reflective silver. It’s somewhat ordinary in hue but its texture and richness will appeal to people who love this shade. It pairs beautifully with all the other shades too, setting off their stronger tones.

Cyber Teal is a mid-tone teal with a smokey undertone. This will make a gorgeous gradated eye with a darker teal like Too Faced Cop a Teal and will deepen prettily with the Estée Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal EyeLiners beneath it.

Included in the range are Cyber Copper and Cyber Pink.

The ones reviewed here are press preview samples. In Singapore, they were meant to retail at S$40 and would have been available here if not for shipment issues. As of this update, they won’t be here after all (boo!) but I have hopes for them coming in eventually. With their rich pigment and gorgeous glide, I wish they were not limited edition…Estée Lauder should consider making these luscious lovelies a part of their permanent range!

Image source: Estée Lauder Singapore


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