Lip Smacker Soda Pop Cap Lip Glosses (Coca Cola, Fanta Orange, Sprite)

How cute are these? Available at selected Watsons stores, these little pop cap glosses hark back to the days when carbonated beverages were sold in glass bottles with metal caps bearing their names.

Unlike those of the actual soft drinks, the little screw top caps of these lip products are made of plastic and open easily to reveal a smooth pan of colour. I’d peg them as tinted lip balms, actually – they only have a hint of colour and aren’t super glossy.

The scents are sweet and authentic (just like the fizzy drinks they represent!) and there’s even a sparkling edge to them.

They’re petite (3.4 g) but they pack a punch. :)

I’m sure these fun balms will appeal to many people, thanks to their adorable packaging and low price (only S$6.90!).

Here’s the retro-themed press kit that I received with them – very apt for the products it’s plugging. My son was delighted with all the toys (of old) inside. :)

Image source: Lip Smacker Singapore


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