Dior Backstage Make-Up

Not content to limit itself to its collection of remarkable videos, Dior Beauty has introduced a digital experience to lure beauty aficionados and steal the hearts of Dior fans.

Newly-launched yesterday, Dior Backstage Make-Up gives you a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action of runway shows, offering a look at fashion and makeup trends (Front Row).

Learn the secrets of professional makeup artists (Must Have) and watch explanatory videos on how to recreate Dior beauty looks (Behind-the-Scenes), while exploring the couture and heritage inspiration of the fashion label (Collection). Discover how exclusive, limited edition pieces were given new Dior interpretations to become It Products (Wanted), even as innovation and creativity run amok to produce the brand’s brilliant short films (Dior Gallery).

Stimulating and inspiring, this visual fest is something any beauty lover will enjoy! ♥

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