Sliding Dior, Mise en Dior and Dior Games Videos

Here is a preview of Sliding Dior, a clever clip featuring Christian Dior 3 Couleurs Eyeshadows, three complementary hues encased in sleek sliding palettes.

The latest addition to the family of whimsical mini-movies recently produced by Dior, this choreographed video deftly captures the snap-and-click action of the sliding palette.

Here is Mise en Dior, a Dior pin-ball dresser (if only it exists!) that details the path of a Dior pearl which pays homage to various Dior icons, eventually leading to the creation of the Mise en Dior necklace.

An electro-remix of Mozart pervades the pearl’s journey as it encounters The Bar Jacket, Lady Dior, J’Adore, The Star and Dior Addict.

And here is my personal favourite, Dior Games, which features Dior makeup ingeniously woven into a slew of well-loved games: Tetris (love!), Pacman, air hockey and what I think is a Dior rendition of Super Mario Bros. The catchy soundtrack is Tigerlily by synth-pop duo La Roux.

These quirky short films surely up the Dior amp – I absolutely love how creative these videos are and appreciate the Dior-fferent take on the brand’s makeup lovelies! ♥

Image and video source: Dior


  • Iris says:

    Love the first video! It’s nice to see cosmetics companies putting out more innovative commercials, instead of the usual impossibly beautiful models swanning around.

  • Jenny says:

    Dear Makeup stash,

    I ran a fever two days ago and I was advised by my doc to take a leave and rest. I stayed at home bored all day but I thought when I get better, I’ll treat myself to something cute or sweet. Reading your post was the first treat I ever gave myself today. You always have new make up to show to your readers. You made a sick (but recuperating) girl’s day definitely better. (^-^)


  • milktea says:

    The Dior sliding palette ad gave me a headache just watching it – moves too fast! I think I like the quints better.. :)

    Loved the video game + Dior ad! Ab fab, my dear! ;)

  • Wow! WICKED AD! This is a really cool concept, although i can’t help feeling like the packaging won’t last very long and the mirror has a huge tendency to fall of. HMs

  • makeupmag says:

    Hey Iris,

    These ads are brilliant. A refreshing change, indeed!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Jen,

    Glad to know this post cheered you up! :)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Milktea,

    Haha, the palette gave me a shock too because it flipped opened so quickly! :P

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi x3Asweetaffair,

    I’m not sure but it does flip open very fast, once the you slide it open.

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