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I love shimmer and sparkle but there’s a lot to be said for non-shimmer, matte/satin blushes.

When I tested my preview sample of Benefit Hervana, I was not only taken with the ‘orchid blossom’ hues, I was also drawn to its understated nature and soft glow.

A pretty pinwheel pan with a mauvy pink (Berry Delight), a peach pink (Divine Peach), a salmon that pulls rose (Heavenly Rose) and a clean beige (Lucky Shell), it’s a departure from the previous Benefit boxed blushes with their more straightforward colour pans. Though the entire pan has silver shimmer, the fine sparkles are barely discernible on the skin; translating instead into a pleasant glow and at the very most, subtle glimmer. As such, this blush will please those of you who love a natural blush flush without obvious shine and shimmer.

The shades are hard to pick up singly and seem somewhat sheer upon swatching.

However, a blush brush or the included one (an angled brush with the typical wooden Benefit blush handle) easily picks up an even swirl of colour that does show up on the skin (whew!).

The sum of the different hues? A soft pink much like that of the Benefit paper bag! ;). It can pull cooler or warmer, depending on where you concentrate your swirling but as a whole, it is a flattering shade of pink that’ll probably suit many skin tones. It is fairly light, so it might not show up as well on people with deeper skin tones.

I don’t use each shade on its own but I suppose you could subtly sculpt the cheeks with the beige or do a little under-eye shadow concealing with the salmon and the beige (I’m not sure if the formulation is eye safe but in my experience, Benefit products tend to be suitable for most facial areas). Unfortunately, despite its pretty shade, this blush can fade. As such, it’s best to use it with a cream blush underneath or touch up on the go. It doesn’t cake with extra layers, though, so that’s a plus. (ETA: I used it today and it lasted surprisingly well on my bare skin for more than 6 hours! I’m not sure why but the day was less humid than usual, so this could be a factor.)

Already available at the Benefit counters here, it is happily priced at S$46, a markdown from the previous S$55 price tag of the Benefit boxed blushes. According to Benefit Singapore (now in partnership with Luxasia), their prices have been lowered across the board for all products.

Wonderful news, indeed – how often do we see makeup prices going south, right? More often than not, brands insidiously raise them! It’s heartening to see that Benefit Singapore has adjusted their prices – it makes economic sense and will bring in more customers who otherwise might look overseas for their Benefit purchases.

Image source: Benefit Cosmetics


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