MAC Chenman Love & Water Collection in Singapore

At the Shop MAC Cook MAC event, I happened to see the MAC Chen Man ((陳漫/陈曼) collection, a collaboration between MAC and acclaimed Chinese photographer Chen Man, who is well known for her colour sensibilities.

East meets West. A sensual colour collection created in collaboration with Beijing-born fashion photographer, Chen Man, inspired by her infatuation with love and water, yin and yang, pink and blue.


This article and this article throw some light on its creation.

According to the NY Mag piece:

The inspiration was water and love, and combining the Eastern and Western cultures. You can see this in the colors. The blue hue from the collection is actually a very traditional Chinese blue, and this represents water. For love, because it’s very intangible, she chose many pastel colors.

In The Star interview, she explains:

“Mixing pink and blue creates purple which is associated with uncertainty…The product might have been conceptualised by a Chinese woman but it does not mean that it only suits Oriental women. It is a product for women who are filled with love and true to themselves.”

Here’s a video interview with Chen Man and a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot of the collection’s key visual.

Image and video source: MAC Cosmetics


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