Shop MAC Cook MAC Singapore Launch

With their cheery neon-retro visuals, the Shop MAC Cook MAC collections which launched yesterday are quite a sight to behold! MAC fans clearly like it, though – the tills have been ringing non-stop since the products were released. ;)

At the press event two days back, guests were treated to a supermarket scene befitting the theme: Shopping lads and lasses pushed bright pink trolleys around, while the shelves held colourful MAC wares dressed in gingham and psychedelic prints.

Here are some photos from the event:

The window display at Tangs Orchard

The ‘shopping shelves’

The MAC shopping trolley and its cheerily-coloured contents

Peter Smith, a shopping lad, shopping up a storm!
(Ok, not really – just a bit of PS to blot out people in the background :P)


Shopping lad and lass, John Baker and Mary Jane

Les produits!

The goods

The product wall

The vivacious host, with a gravity-defying bouffant~!

MAC Senior Artist, Beno Lim, using the key products in the two collections

The Shop MAC Cook MAC ingredients ;)

One more time…

Why, hello there again, Peter Smith and oh, is that Betty Cook with you?

Here are the prices of the products in Singapore.

Image source: MAC Cosmetics Singapore


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