Review | K-Palette Real Lasting Eyepencil 24h One Day Tattoo

New from K-Palette is a retractable eye pencil that promises the same stay-on power as the brand’s popular liquid eyeliner.

It swatched wonderfully – a matte black that went on evenly and stayed on my inner wrist fairly long.

Unfortunately, it disappointed me when I actually wore it on my eyes: It wouldn’t apply well over eyeshadow that was already on my lids because it picks up powder product far too easily – the powder atop the nib creates resistance; the shiny barrier an impediment to smooth lining. I need to clean the nib before trying again and even then, the line isn’t as dark or smooth as in wrist swatches.

It also smudged terribly on my upper and lower lids once, when I had only Clarins White Plus HP Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF20 on my face and eye area. In the liner’s defence, the skincare product is sticky and I suppose this didn’t do it any favours. I did expect it to last, though, given its claims. As such, this pencil might not be friendly to oily eyelids.

In addition, while it has a precise 2 mm-nib that seems perfect for tight-lining, I was let down by the fact that it doesn’t apply well on the inner rims.

What worked for me, though, is how it would touch up certain liner gaps and deepen gel liners like the Clio one I recently reviewed. I don’t know why but its formula seems to work over other liners and mesh nicely with that of gels. It is also waterproof, once set. Moreover, it doesn’t need sharpening, which is a boon (but you do need to clean its nib for better application).

I suppose it works best on dry skin but even so, there’s a fair bit of tugging involved. I had high hopes for this liner when I first received the press sample but I’m not convinced by the rave reviews I’ve read because I’ve tried it several times and it doesn’t work very well on me. It’s not a complete write-off but it takes me so much effort to make it work that I much prefer reaching for my usual waterproof pencils.

In Singapore, this eye pencil retails at S$19.90.


  • Ruby says:

    Thanks for your review as I almost bought this pencil thinking it would work as well as the liquid eyeliner. Looks like I can save my money :)

  • Mrstrii says:

    Agree, pretty bummed with the product. Wish I had waited for your review before purchasing. Smudges on me, which makes it a pretty useless product. I should have learned my lesson with the K-Palette liquid liner, which stays put until the slightest hint of moisture hits my lids. :/

    Any suggestion on what to do with bum liners? :)

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Ruby,

    This is very different from the liquid liner! ;)

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