Beautyblender Pure

Resembling an egg more than ever, the Beautyblender sponge now comes in a white version, Pure. It’s perfect for makeup lovers who aren’t so fond of the hot pink original and prefer something less loud.

This versatile sponge with a tapered tip and rounded base is excellent for applying makeup and skincare alike. I’ve seen dupes all over the place but nothing really matches up to this beauty tool. It’s so popular that it’s been espied backstage several times during the recent international Fashion Week events.

A special Beautyblender Pure Kit has been developed with a succinct marketing angle for this new sponge.

Pure: The same latex-free sponge stripped clean of colour for the sake of simplicity.

Solid: A travel-friendly version of the original liquid Beautycleanser.

Air.port: A mesh pouch for the sponge to air-dry hygienically while on the move.


In Singapore, this set is limited edition and has a retail price of S$76. Don’t baulk at the amount, though – to celebrate BHG’s 17th anniversary, it will be available at BHG stores at a special price of S$59 (S$17 off, of course!), from 6 April 2012 onwards.

strawberries and cream…

I’ve purchased several Beautyblender sponges over the years and am happy about this new version. If anything, it’s a calming change from the conspicuous pink.

And just because of its name, here’s that beautiful hit from The Lightning Seeds.

Image source: Beautyblender


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