Introducing L’Eau De Chloé Fragrance + A Giveaway

Light as dew, this chypre rose seems suffused with pure oxygen.
A delicate citrus harmony recalls summer’s luscious ice-cool lemonades.
At once spirited and elegant, airy and ethereal, the rose leaves a subtle presence on the skin.
Little by little, patchouli appears in sophisticated touches, evoking the luxury and perfection of wearing a flawlessly finished garment.

– Chloé

The latest addition to the Chloé fragrance family, L’Eau De Chloé is described as ‘fresh, carefree, and feminine with a delicate and lively mix of rose, floral notes, and green outdoorsy notes’. Dressed elegantly in a glass bottle accented with a pale green ribbon, this classy flaçon will sit prettily on any beauty counter top.


You can try this scent and experience it fully, with a giveaway hamper that comprises the following:

  • L’Eau De Chloé Eau de Toilette (50 ml)
  • L’Eau De Chloé Hand Cream (75 ml)
  • L’Eau De Chloé Body Lotion (200 ml)
  • L’Eau De Chloé Shower Gel (200 ml)

For a chance to win this special scent set worth S$350:

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2. Share why you would like to experience this new feminine fragrance from Chloé.

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  • This contest will close on 30 April 2012 at midnight.
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  • The winner will be notified via email.
  • If there is no acknowledgement within three days, another winner will be picked.


Good luck!

Image source: Luxasia

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  • Samantha says:

    I’ve always heard about how my friends rave over Chloe fragrances. However, I’m a fan of light, clean or rose scents which I feel that the new Chloe fragrance line would be perfect for me to try out!

  • Xueting says:

    Been a fan of chloe frag! Would love to try this newly prod!

  • Hello there!

    Here’s my entry for the giveaway! :)

    I am a big fan of Chloé EDP by Chloé and guilty of splurging on 3 bottles of it! Since my Chloé EDP is finishing and you are doing this L’Eau De Chloé giveaway, I would like to try!

  • Hi!

    I’m getting married this coming June! It’s going to be a really vintage and fun affair in a church with my loved ones and friends. I’ve been hunting for a bridal perfume that I can wear on that special occasion for a few weeks but never really got round to finding one that I like, wears well on me (lasts long but is not overpowering) and suits the occasion where we celebrate love and union in a vintage fashion.

    I’ve never tried Chloe’s range of perfumes before and would really love to get my hands on this special hamper set. The emerald green and classic packaging is alluring. It’d make such a wonderful wedding gift!


  • Jien says:

    I’d like to try this new fragrance from Chloé because it’s just so me! Light, fresh, airy, all I’d like in a perfume. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s in a very nice green shade. :)


  • Shilpa says:

    The smell sounds fantastic and that’s why I want to try it.

  • Slj Slk says:

    I’ve always heard about layering of fragrance but have never gotten down to try it out myself. This hamper consisting of the full range of bath, body and hand products would allow me to experience the feminine fragrance from Chloé.


  • Yvonne Zheng says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to experience this as I’ve read a lot about it, but have yet to experience this scent fully. Love to see how refreshing it can be!

  • Jia Ni says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I’ve never tried Chloe fragrances as I’m still stuck on Estee Lauder’s White Linen and I’m hesitant to change fragrances! Heard Chloe Fragrances are popular amongst ladies too.

  • Emily says:

    I would love to win this because I have never owned or tried a Chloé scent! Seeing that its a refreshing scent I think I would love it even more!

  • Chin Ting says:

    I’ve been wearing Chloe for the past 2 years- love the gentle honey scent…looking forward to trying out this new fresher version!! :D

  • Corina says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! Yaay!!

    I’ve always like the smell of roses and Chloe’s frag. After reading your description about this fresh new frag, I WANT THIS PERFUME! :D Please pick me! :)

    <3 Corina

  • Tricia says:

    I’m a great fan of this charming brand and its fragrances. I would be over the moon if I can receive this magical set.


  • Vidhi says:

    Hi there
    Thanks for this giveaway. I love all perfumes with notes of rose and Chloe has been the epitome of lovely rose smelling perfumes. I have a travel size sample of the original Chloe perfume and love it. I will love to own this set as it will be a complete aromatic experience. Plus it looks like a perfect summer perfume! Thanks :)

  • Annabel says:

    L’Eau De Chloé Fragrance would be the perfect fragrance to wear on my wedding day – 20 October 2012. I can almost imagine myself wearing my white casading gown, accompanied by a spritz of L’Eau De Chloé as my Dad gives me away to the love of my life. I would be the happiest bride ever!

  • Elaine Chang says:

    Dear Makeup Stash!

    Thank you for this L’Eau De Chloé Fragrance hamper giveaway!

    I want to experience this new feminine fragrance from Chloé. This is nothing like anything else I’ve smelled. The smell is lovely, fresh, and beautiful. The subtle notes evokes a sense of magical possibilities of my youth. It’s a light fragrance but has depth. I love the hint of patchouli…it has an uplifting earthy smell. So gorgeous and unique. LOVE!!

    Best regards!

  • Sharonngo says:

    Great giveaway.
    It’s summer now, so L’Eau De Chloé fragrance is the perfect one to pair with for any occasion and any outfit. Suitable with the season, the fragrance is springy and summery, and it’s fresh. A spray or two totally changed me, I feel more elegant and feminine. Plus the distinctive bottle shape, its light green liquid and silver stopper decorated with a bright green bow, is so adorable. Bet any woman wants to own one. Lastly, as a woman of the 20-eras, L’Eau de Chloé is what I need, an elegance injected with a modern twist,

  • Anne Chua says:

    i would like to try this new fragrance from Chole because i’m big fan of light, fresh and flora scent. I think every girl should wear such scent as it simply smells so refreshing and enchanting! Loves it!

  • Kaleen Teo says:

    I have sensitive nose and other perfumes are just too strong for my nose.I’d like to try this as it label as light & fresh.

  • Bong Chew Jen says:

    Dear Makeup Stash

    I hope to win this scent hamper giveaway.

    I like this new fragrance immediately as I stumped upon it at a departmental store few days ago. In many ways, I find L’Eau de Chloé is a nod to the classics. L’Eau de Chloé is a spicy green chypre, with a bold rose note. It has enough retro glamour to wear like a full length ball gown and enough modern simplicity to feel as comfortable as a silk slip. I could imagine myself having some coffee outside while enjoying the generous caresses of the spring sun. Its scent was likewise tender, ebullient and spring-like.

    Keep my fingers crossed!

  • KL says:

    Truth to be told, I have never used a fragrance before ever! I only tried them at counters and was never able to afford the ones that I like! (Chloe ones included :P) Hence, I really hope to have a bottle of it! :) The smell of rose is definitely one of my favs!

  • Ice Chua says:

    The scent for this is pretty fresh and interesting and seemingly suitable for all occasions? Have only sampled a scent of it, so if I can fully get to try it, it would be great!

  • Mark Meng Chee says:


    I want to experience this new feminine fragrance from Chloé because L’Eau de Chloé has enough character to be distinctive. Chloé has great tenacity, and even after several hours, the dry patchouli and sweet musk of its drydown linger on the skin, inviting others to lean in. It easily goes from day to evening, from an office setting to a late night party. Then again, for someone like me who does not have either a typical office job nor indulges in partying, I find that it simply smells great whatever the occasion.

    All the best!

  • ppx says:

    I would love to try out Chloe’s new fragrance! Recently, I have been absolutely obsessed with perfumes, and I also have the classic Chloe EDP that is of roses and soooo lovely!

  • Hannah H. says:

    I’m currently pursuing a course on perfumery so I’ve been interested in perfumes since! I fell in love with Love, Chloe and I’m excited to find out how their new scent smells like!

  • Doris LEE says:

    I love perfume! Be it EDT or EDP, I just love the scent smells. I have not try Chloe, but by looking at the packaging and the presentation, I really hope to win this fabulous hamper!

  • Jamie Ang says:

    Saw my friend’s Chloe Paraty bag and the design is growing on me! Browsing their bags and saw this! Eager to try the fragrance, to see if it smells as lovely as it looks!

  • Rose says:

    I would like to try Chloe new fragrance as I have always been on the look for perfume that is fresh, with a hint of rose and floral notes, yet not too sweet or fruity. Winning this will make my summer more cheery! :)


  • Cheryn says:

    I have always been wanting to try the line of Chloe perfumes but just never quite got to try it cos it’s quite expensive. But I really like how the packaging makes it look so timeless and feminine. A breath of fresh air, that’s what every girl needs! :D

  • Sze Min says:

    I loooove the original Chloe EDP madly, from the adorable bottle to the lovely scent to the awesome wear. I’m sure this version is going to smell as amazing (is it even possible?!?!), and I definitely want to try it out!

  • Jocelyn says:

    Awesome giveaway!!

    L’Eau De Chloé Fragrance will be a nice thing to receive this May as I celebrate being a mother, the Mother’s day occassion is one of the best events in our lives & chloe franrance would be an added factor for me to cherish that certain day of my life as a mother :)

  • sherlync says:

    I loooove fresh scents,i’ve never tried any Chloe perfumes,this would be a great chance to be able try it out.Really like the unique pale green color too~
    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  • Lydia says:

    Great giveaway.. =)
    I love fresh flowery scent but not too strong and I always finding it hard to find something that is not too strong for me yet I never venture to Chloe too, so this could be a great chance to try out if I do win it. Love the bottle with the ribbon. =D

    Thank you.

  • Christine Sim says:

    I’m a perfume collection lover. I love the fresh crisp scent being surrounding me and since Mother’s Day is coming, I hope i can present this bottle of Chloe perfume to my beloved mummy. By the way, I also love the bottle and the light greenish colour

  • angela an says:

    Thank you for this giveaway dear!!

    I have been hearing rave reviews about Chloe’s fragrances. I would really LOVEEE to try it as I have always been on a look out for light floral scents with an urban edge. Furthermore, tell me who can resist such a pretty bottle!!!


  • Jade lin says:

    Dear Makeup Stash:)

    Thanks you for this awesome giveaway.:) 

    This would be a great birthday and mother day gift for my mum. Since her birthday is coming soon,  which fall on the second week of may . 

    Really Appreciate if I able to win this 
    Hamper for her, to experience this new feminine fragrance from Chloe. 

    As She have never ever own any Chloe’s range of perfume before, we have tried them on the counter,  She love the fragrance. But it is quite expensive, and we are unable to afford to have one (: 

    The only perfume that my mum have, is a birthday gift from her friend a few years ago. 

    She love fragrance that is fresh and with floral scent. Hence it would great if I able to Win this hamper as a gift for her :) 

    Thanks you 

  • K S Goh says:

    I would love to try this because I have heard many great things about the Original Chloe EDP from my friends and I am a really big fan of fresh citrusy scents! :)

  • jieying says:

    hi Mag!

    thanks for another giveaway!

    i will love to win this as the advert for this new chloe fragrance reminds me spring, fragrance of grass, dew and that lovely lovely freedom that comes with it. as i enter my new phase of life, i hope to have something to commemorate and celebrate. and not forgetting, it will be one and only Mother-To-Be day! (well, we only have MTB day once in our lives =))

  • Deebz says:

    I have always loved fragrances by Chloe and I would love to try their latest fragrance!

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  • wickermoss says:

    Hi Mag,

    i love this post..not because of the giveaway but because of this: “recalls summer’s luscious ice-cool lemonades”… this range seemed reaaly intriguing and yes haven’t tried any Chloe’s scent before..always stuck to my good ol’ perf brand! Thanks for this xox

  • Lily says:

    I have heard raves of Chloé fragrances and of how light and fresh it is. Would really like to receive this as both a birthday present and a Mother’s day present!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I love citrusy scents because they always perk me up in the mornings. This looks like a light, energising scent – perfect for the humid weather we’ve been having lately!

  • Jennelle Leow says:

    I love the original version of Chloe EDP which always perks me up and would be glad if I could try this out!!

    Thanks for e giveaway:D

  • Jennifer says:

    Had a whiff of L’eau de Chloe walking past Paragon yesterday…very refreshing and I like perfumes with roses in it. Thanks for organising this giveaway :)

  • Mi Zi says:

    Time for me to change a new perfume. With the whole range of new Chloe perfume, the scent could linger around for whole day long.

  • Shi Han says:

    Have just used up my last bottle of perfume and I’m very interested to try out this perfume because my girlfriend keeps saying that it smells heavenly!

  • melody says:

    lemonades sounds cool, many cheapo ones smell like mama lemon…curious to find out how this atas luxurious citrus perfume smells.

  • Hey!

    One of my friends is always wearing chloe and when I got to try it at orchard, I just fell in love. I can’t afford it on a student’s budget, that’s why I really want to try it! Plus, I really adore citrusy and floral scents!

    Thank you for the giveaway, btw :)

  • veevee says:

    I own one of Chloe’s earlier fragrance and love it so much i have a backup for it. Would love to try this new fragrance !

  • Dean N says:

    Reading the description for the fragrance, i was drawn in by “light as dew”!!! :)

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